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  1. Midi input

    just thought of a small point, if i'm using chops with the .wav file can i still lock the export chop sp that it's faster. bren
  2. Midi input

    i found the answer to the audio question e.g. the audio panel, why is there so many buttons in houdini to find , i learn new things every day then a month later just forget anywhy back to the music vid bren
  3. Midi input

    cheers for that I had been playing around with it but made the mistract thinking that i would been to drag something in to the sop parameter and not just over right it in the chops level. also how do i make houdini play the .wav file i have the audio flag on and can see the wave form in the channel viewer but i can't seem to make houdini produce the music, any ideas now that i have a basic network set up it's time to start making some call effects and having a look at the derivativeinc.com. one question that some one might know, can i use houdini as a synth builder for designer/mixer/player as i don't have 2,000 for a copy of designer tool cheers hopefully by the end of the week i will have my first music video. bren
  4. Midi input

    a stupid question when i have my Chop network how can i use it to modify my sop level, e.g. in a twist sop how can i use my channel to change the strenght. i know it's a stupid question but it's so long since i have used channels i can't remember how cheers puma.snyder i think my projecter does have a clipping function i will just have to find the manual! bren
  5. Midi input

    cheers puma.snyder that was a really good Link One question what renderer do would i have to use to use houdini for a live perform, that if it possible! Jason cheese for the links i though i had already looked around here. cheers bren
  6. Midi input

    Hello! I'm starting a new project and need some pointers on where to start? I want to input some music and convert it in to some animation. I've been looking around and i think i know the idea but what to know how i input music in to the chop part og houdini. also what file format does the music have to be in is .wav fine also what sort of op do i need to input it. and some general advise would be very handy too. cheers bren
  7. resellect action!

    quick question! whats the short cut to repeat the last. cheers bren
  8. Inherit Velocity not working?

    watched the video it looks good
  9. How's my sand wall so far?

    I like the Vid have any idea what your going to use it for! bren
  10. copy Stamp

    hello there i was just wondering how i use the copy stamp so that each particle has a different value. i've tryed the rand(12.2) but as you well now that changes them all to the same. cheers bren
  11. Silly queation about frame range

    cheers FrankFirsching Just gave the keyboard chop thing a go and it seems really interesting i will just have to find some way of using it bren
  12. Silly queation about frame range

    Sorry i figured it out it was the scoll lock on the keyboard! but want is this function for? cheers bren
  13. On Houdini 6 the time line keeps turning orange i don't know how i keep doing it but two question what is happening and how i turn it off. cheers bren
  14. Houdini in Linux Production Advice

    hello there. Do you know if you can get photoshop for linux, if you can is it any good compared to the windows copy. cheers bren
  15. Not about Graka but about CPUs!

    come on brain i'm a student as well you, you should be out there making web sites part time , because people are stupid and don't know how easy they are to make but will pay good money to people like use to buy new toys . bren