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  1. Houdini 20 Wishlist

    - I really wish that Houdini Matches Substance Designer like completely in terms of texture. I think that should be easiest since its procedural system, and also that underlying structure is already there in COPS so like COPS 2.0. but with fundamental nodes (seamless noises, warps....) in place. I know i will probably get a lot of criticism here like (make your own node in vopcop...etc etc), but most people in production at least in fast productions dont have time to rnd how to create these fundamental nodes. I know that there is a guy that already did this and they are called Copstance but it would be Nice if SESI made like complete overwrite like with terrains and Hair, and Kinefx... - Also since crowds all time favorite in terms of sculpting (Zbrush) got bought by Maxon, and who knows what will happen to it (many software died after acquisition, remember XSI), i think We should step up in terms of sculpting and create the whole system to support really dense geometries like Zbrush did. That would really tie nicely with updating the whole brush system. I know that im asking a lot and this is probably not something for like next release, but rather next 3 releases :), but i think it would be a great way to draw more people into H, and not just Technical people, but i also mean artists. Because they are a huge part of community. Because Currently a lot of artist are scared of Houdini, and don't see benefit of switching because they can do general artist (non procedural stuff) in other apps 100x faster. In areas like modeling, texturing, also rigging, animation, also cloth. - which brings me to cloth. Marvelous Designer is a great example of a software for work on cloth. such an easy interface, fast, fast results, interactivity in viewport...and that's why you wont find artist going into Vellum and trying to stitch and shape cloth there, but rather come from MD with finished cloth and prepare it for further shot based sim work. Dont get me wrong H is my favorite software but with acquisitions that have been going on lately (Substance, Weta, Zbrush....), i am just afraid....Honestly. ... I don't want to us to get bought. So we need to push the tempo and match those apps in their strengths so that the whole community turns to Houdini and we don't get bought. - Also the viewport and more Python interactions states. The latest additions on that end i think really made nice impressions in the community overall. H viewport is really behind the competition. I mean you can setup things and all that, but one shouldn't really customizing viewport out of the box. - More and More and More please More communications with Epic and dealing with Houdini to Unreal. Houdini Engine is there and we know how to optimize things in Houdini and then when HDA's get sent to Unreal they cook really fast in H but then take another 4,5 seconds to cook inside Unreal. I have a feeling that if we talk more with Epic staff we can make it faster. - UE5 and Nanite are already there, and more and more Film work is switching to Unreal...and looking at Nanite tech, its really what Houdini is all about. Clusters of high res data optimized to run in Realtime. In general industry is going a lot more towards realtime and i dont mean just games but everything. Also pandemic pushed film a lot towards Series...(LOKI, Mandalorian...). So this all proves the point that tech should progress much more towards realtime. We cant miss that train. And also another thing to mention the competition is also looking at our yard and copying stuff Blender - geometry nodes, Substance - Model graph, i think another guy also made similar thing in maya for procedural modeling...i know that all that is funny when you think of what can you achieve in H with procedural workflows, but they will progress. I hope i havent sounded too pesimistic, but im really having a hard time trying to convince people in my studio to switch Cheers