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  1. Heraklit: just found it
  2. Thank's marty, that's awesome, your solution is working ! Heraklit: where can I find the "example files", I'm also intrested to have a look to this file. Thank's again dudes ! you rock
  3. Hi, In a FLIP Fluid Simulation I'm emitting Particles Fluid from a alembic (a guy walking). A "constant velocity" is applied to the fluid particles that spread all the particles apart (this velocity is driven by the normal of the alembic geometry, from which the particles fluid are emitted) (> like this tutorial explain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVDUaqSeQL0) But now, i want to module this "constant velocity" in function of the velocity of the animation (the guy walking), so if his arms move faster than the legs: I want the particles emitted inside the arm to spread further in function of the movement. The effect wanted is well described in this short video: thank for your help guys, you rock !!!