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  1. Alembic File from Houdini causes Max to crash

    I think it's more a bug in Max 2016, since that version of Max seems to hate alembic files. I got it to work, but it involved bringing it into Maya and then re-exporting it from Maya to Max.
  2. Alembic File from Houdini causes Max to crash

    Hmm. Last I checked was that FBX required a static point count to work, but I'll give it a shot.
  3. Hey, guys! I'm a bit flummoxed as I've been exporting Alembic files from Houdini to use in 3D Studio Max for a while with no issues. But I've been struggling with a particular file all afternoon that's causing Max to crash. I've dealt with alembic files at least twice as large as the one in Max without any issue, so I doubt it's a size issue. I pulled the file back into Houdini and had no issues with the file in Houdini. I've tried both Ogawa and HDF5 formats. I've tried it on a couple different computers with the same results of Max crashing. It crashes when it gets about half way through both playback of the alembic as well as trying to export a Vray proxy mesh. Now, the effect in question does rely heavily on a boolean opperation from houdini to basically dissolve away a mesh, so could this have something to do with it? Any ideas?