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  1. Hello Houdini Wizards! I'm currently facing an issue with openCL. I'm working on a tool using openCL, being pretty happy with it, I was testing it after a vellum simulation, everything was working well, no errors at all. I shut down my computer for the night, and when I come back this morning I get this error. The issue appears even doing a simple deformation as you can see on the image Here is few things that I checked before writing this thread: - The preferences of the openCL seems correct, changing it to CPU doesn't fix the issue. - my houdini.env file is set with the following argument: HOUDINI_OCL_DEVICETYPE=GPU HOUDINI_OCL_VENDOR=NVIDIA Corporation - My graphic drivers are up to date (running with NVIDIA GeForce RTX2060). - I tried to revert to houdini 19 to see if it would fix it but I still get the error. Here is the issue from the console: OpenCL Exception: clEnqueueNDRangeKernel (-52)OpenCL Context error: CL_INVALID_KERNEL_ARGS error executing CL_COMMAND_NDRANGE_KERNEL on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 (Device 0). Did anyone faced that issue working with openCL previously or found a solution? Cheers!
  2. Hi everyone ! I encoutered an issue with my growing VDB, in facts I want to use it in order to drive a recursive growth effect (based on that setup https://www.sidefx.com/gallery/recursive-growth/), but when I wire it to the solver SOP, it take only the start frame of the solver SOP and it doesn't care about the "animation" of my VDB. Have you already face this problem and is there way to tell to Solver SOP " Hey you take into account my growing stuff". Here is a HIP file to illustrate my issue. Thanks. Yan. issue_vdb_solversop.hipnc