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  1. Hey All, I am trying to instance high res geometry onto low res packed points and then render some extra image planes such as a velocity pass for compositing. I set up a scene with the instancing and rendering setup that I am currently working from. To set up the custom image planes, I use a bind node to import the velocity attribute I want written to an image plane and then wire that into a bind export node to export it to the surface context. Then in the mantra node, I create the extra image plane which reads the exported velocity attribute and writes it to an image plane. This setup seems to be working with the packed fragments but doesn't seem to be working with the packed disks. As far as I can tell, the issue lies with the first bind node not successfully importing the velocity data. I do believe that the bind export IS working which I tested by wiring a constant vector value into it. If you can think of a solution to this issue, I would very much appreciate it! Thank you! WillSoko packedDisks_v01.hipnc