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  1. I have been running around in circles. I have a setup that sort of works not too procedural tho. Question' Any ideas on how to get this more procedural and to be able to adjust how many teeth,spacing etc. Right now I have a set with one profile for the main area of the belt and using a sweep. Another profile for the teeth copied to points from the curve. Then I do a boolean cut. Fyi ,, The curve I'm using cannot move as it's already placed and bent where it needs to be. Any help with this would be super cool
  2. Awesome, Thanks Atom for posting this. I'm looking forward to digging in.
  3. I've been using Substance Painter for a few years now. I'm not stopping anytime soon. I would hope they don't screw with it too much.
  4. I think that's what I'm going to do Davpe. I just figured I would poke around and see if my first idea was even doable at this time in Houdini
  5. Awesome thanks for the example file. It's working per name dropping each mapped primitive on one udim. Not really what I had in mind but it will work. My idea was it would be able to pack the mapped primitives together across several udims. Not necessarily one primitive per UDIM. The reason I need to keep the primitives together is substance painter does not like primitives across several UDIMs. Either way, if there's no other workaround I can work with what you showed me already. Again thanks for the time Mike
  6. I looked at the popup dialog and it still doesn't seem to work. I do have a question you would have to do this per primitive to keep things together. I may be looking at it totally the wrong way. Do you by chance have an example of the packing override? Tomas, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to help me.
  7. Ok, So I tried that and for some reason, it didn't work as expected. The target attribute I used was by name. What's it looking for in terms of attributes?
  8. So I have a model that I would like to pack the UV mapping across UDIMs in a certain way. Now I can pack as needed with the uvlayout node across around 10 UDIMs. The issue is I need to have the primitive all mapped in the same grid not packed over 3 UDIMs. I would think there is a setting to keep islands of a particular primitive together in the same grid. Either way, I hope this makes sense and any help would be much appreciated.
  9. That clears it up . Thanks a bunch for the information
  10. So I'm digging into the new H17 fracturing nodes and have run into an issue. It's possible that I haven't set it up correctly. The main issue is I set the constraint strength in Sops to 1 for testing to make sure everything is working correctly. I set the strength to -1 in Dops. Which is shouldn't break but it does. Any ideas on what's going on would be awesome. I attached my test file which is not super clean atm. StrengthTest_a01.hipnc Or maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way. My thought would be you want to control the final strength in Dops not Sops. Mike
  11. I haven't had much luck either. I contacted Ben a while ago he said he would help but super busy atm
  12. Thank you, These are some very cool scenes.
  13. So I am curious about one of the tools presented by Ben Watts. So my question is in regards to Controlling FX starts around 3:11. I know its a custom tool and looks like it would be super handy. Any ideas on how to replicate this tool for myself would be awesome ? Awesome Siggraph presentations by the way. I really enjoyed them. Cheers Mike
  14. Can you post the file your working with ?
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