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  1. Subdivision - transfer edge groups

    So here's the solution: before subdiv > uvflatten (using the edge group) > subdivide > splituvseams > group (edge, unshared edges)
  2. Hi, How would you transfer edge groups using subdivision? I can't figure it out...
  3. Python: maximize ramp

    Hi guys, So I cannot find anything in docs about how to have the ramp maximize using python... You can set the rampParmTemplate().setShowControls(True), but the maximize button is missing? I mean this exact button...
  4. Python: paste relative references (for ramp)

    Will do when I find some time!
  5. Python: paste relative references (for ramp)

    Thanks, will look into that
  6. Hi, So I cannot figure out how with python create a relative referenced ramp. The closest I got is to this: # pseudocode controller = 'my_controller_node' target = 'polyextrude_node' path = target.relativePathTo(controller) # or the other way around controllerRamp = controller.parm('thicknessramp') targetRamp = target.parm('thicknessramp') # store the current ramp: keys = targetRamp.evalAsRamp().keys() values = targetRamp.evalAsRamp().values() # set the expression on the thicknessramp parameter expression = 'ch("' + path + '/' + controllerRamp.name() + '")' targetRamp.setExpression(expression) # now the ramp is all broken, so I'm restoring the control points and give them expressions too for i in range(len(keys)): key = targetRamp.name() + str(i+1) + 'pos' value = targetRamp.name() + str(i+1) + 'value' interp = targetRamp.name() + str(i+1) + 'interp' # set the keys, values and interpolations controller.parm(key).set(keys[i]) controller.parm(value).set(values[i]) controller.parm(interp).set(2) # and finally expressions expression = 'ch("' + path + '/' + key + '")' target.parm(key).setExpression(expression) expression = 'ch("' + path + '/' + value + '")' target.parm(value).setExpression(expression) expression = 'ch("' + path + '/' + interp + '")' target.parm(interp).setExpression(expression) So this works fine as long I don't add new points to the controller node. Then ofcourse ramp creates new parameter names 'parmname15pos' etc... So the whole thing is not working properly. This seams to be quite overengineered already... What am I missing that I have to use to do the copy / paste relative references for a ramp parameter?
  7. Hi guys, How to add a drop down list option for a string parameter? Like in Group SOP?
  8. @Librarian cool thanks, will dive into this!
  9. Hi, Has anyone tried to directly import .blend files to Houdini?
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for a tutorial / course on bullet constraints. But not destruction focused. Sth that will help me rig a car with bullet. Anyone?
  11. Trail should work just fine. You don't need that scatter. Unpack that geo > convert to poly (or maybe not) > add (remove all geo, but keep the points) > trail > resample. You might want to add timeblend for that character you have, so it will interpolate between frames, but it will resample without the timeblend too
  12. Hi, So the easiest hda tool ever. Copy to points spheres. How can I cook out the spheres as separate objects, keeping the transforms of the points?
  13. So instead of point() use points(), eg.: points("../node", 0, "this") LOL
  14. Hi, So I have a string point attrib on a sop node, let's say it's s@this = "Yellow". When I bring in the attribute into node parameters with houdini expression point("../node", 0, "this", 0) it always evaluates as 0 unless the string is empty s@this = "", then it evaluates as -1. So I guess point() doesn't see string attribs. But what I need is a string and the exact value of that string! I don't care if it's houdini expressions or python, as long I can just get this attribute and use it inside node parameters!