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  1. Hi, So this was a pain in the ass for me the whole time. But I though they changed it H17. What I just want is to know what Im selecting in UV view and perspective. The screen might explain the problem better In the perspective I have selection in Uv view nothing, and vice versa
  2. Hi, So Im testing this new owesome HS Scatter. Its great. However Ive found an issue I cannot solve in HS Scatter. Im not sure if thats a bug or maybe I just dont know how to make it to work properly. So besically when Im scattering using source points option, the new points scattered intersect the points from the inherited tag. This is barely visible when the density is low. But when the density goes high you can see that the new points just scatter inside the origin onces, no matter how high the removing rate is or the outer radius. For me its looks like the algorithm is not taking into the count that it can scatter the point too close to the points that is not the original "parent". So for every each point A is scattered few points B, and for this single group scattered from a single point, there is no intersection. But if there is a close point A2 to the origin A1,there might be some intersections for points B on A2. I attached a screen. Red is the source point tag. Green are new new points. Im usuing a tube with radius = 0.5, so the width is 1. Red to not intersect with red. Green do not intersect with green. But some green intersect with red. BTW This is even more visible when you dont do Match Normals With Terrain on a tarrain that is not flat. For example trees scattered on mountains I mean its still doing great, but it would be great to be able to remove any intersections at all HS_Issue.hiplc
  3. HDA: current displayed folder

    Hi, So I though about some cool feature that I could maybe utilize. For example the tool has 3 different folder tabs. Each is for different property of a tool. For example the first one is fior curves, the second for primitives and the next one... i dunno, maybe shader. Can I somehow detect which folder is currently selected (assuming they are of Tabs type) so I can connect the switch sop to the output? This way if you pick Curves Tab you can already see the curves you are working on, and so on, and so on. Ofcourse this might screw up the pipeline when someone leaves the hda on a wrong tab, but.... Is it possible?
  4. Ok, my bad. { toggle ==1 } works when the toggle name is actually "toggle". So everything is working fine!
  5. Hi, How can I make my parameters to hide/disable on a toggle. I know there is this expression { toggle ==1 } but itself like that it does not work, I have to tell which toggle in the UI Im talking about.
  6. Ah yes! Owesome Actually I was not even awere there is Update textures option ;D
  7. Hi there, So Im using uv quicktexture to view my textures in the viewport. But when I change the texture in photoshop or gimp, resave, it does not update in houdini. I tried to pick manually again, but it seems the texture is somewhere in memory. I tried to clear the memory in cache manager but it does not help. Any ideas how to solve that? Or maybe there is some other way to view a texture in the viewport?
  8. The machine is still in Montreal and didnt sell it yet. The prices went down a lot recently. So now Im selling it for 2000 CAD
  9. Hi, So when I save the image with lights shadow option to depth map shadows, I get no shadows at all. Ofcourse this renders fine inside houdini, only saved images have that. Ray traced shadows on the left and shadow map on the right
  10. Hi there, So I want to store my masks in some custom fields. This way once converted to points I can further modify the geo. Heightfield are just 2 dimentional volumes, so what I need is just add another volume. How can I do sth like @my_new_field = @mask?
  11. Group A += Group B

    omg ure right. Thank you!
  12. Hi there, Does group combine sop can perform such operation? This seems trivial but cannot make it to work. groupCombine.hiplc
  13. bake texture displacement issue

    Actually I was wrong. The saved file is not completely black. It looks like its in some different colorspace. Im not sure how to set it up to save it like its in the exr format. Its like that for displacement map only (normal, cavity, curvature, basecolor exr and jpg are exactly the same - as expected) displacementIssue.hiplc
  14. Hi there, So im trying to bake out my displacement to use it as a bump in Unity. The problem is that when I bake out to different files (jpeg, png.. etc) the displacement pass always is solid black. But when I look into exr file my displacement renders as expected.
  15. object node name

    Thats right! Thank you