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  1. Hi, So when I save the image with lights shadow option to depth map shadows, I get no shadows at all. Ofcourse this renders fine inside houdini, only saved images have that. Ray traced shadows on the left and shadow map on the right
  2. Hi there, So I want to store my masks in some custom fields. This way once converted to points I can further modify the geo. Heightfield are just 2 dimentional volumes, so what I need is just add another volume. How can I do sth like @my_new_field = @mask?
  3. Group A += Group B

    omg ure right. Thank you!
  4. Hi there, Does group combine sop can perform such operation? This seems trivial but cannot make it to work. groupCombine.hiplc
  5. bake texture displacement issue

    Actually I was wrong. The saved file is not completely black. It looks like its in some different colorspace. Im not sure how to set it up to save it like its in the exr format. Its like that for displacement map only (normal, cavity, curvature, basecolor exr and jpg are exactly the same - as expected) displacementIssue.hiplc
  6. Hi there, So im trying to bake out my displacement to use it as a bump in Unity. The problem is that when I bake out to different files (jpeg, png.. etc) the displacement pass always is solid black. But when I look into exr file my displacement renders as expected.
  7. object node name

    Thats right! Thank you
  8. Hi, How can I get the current object node name as an expression? Eg. I have a file sop inside my_geo (obj > my_geo > file1). And what I need is the name of my_geo so I can use it if file1.
  9. Pyro OpenCL vs CPU - Why do the sims differ?

    Thats a normal thing. Micorsolvers on openCL calucate things a bit different. I dont think you can expect the sim on CPU and openCL look exactly the same. But I noticed thats not true for all the solvers. Eg. Grain CPU and openCL looks exactly the same.
  10. Hi guys. I bought this machine and build it myself in June 2018. So its brand new. Press Me to see the specs. Every part is new, bought on Amazon or Newegg. Long story short... I moved back to europe. And the machine stayed in Canada (Montreal). Today all the parts are worth at least... 2727.97 CAD + shipping costs + eventual building costs. Im seling the whole thing for 2500 CAD. I guarantee you its the cheepest Threadripper workstation you can get! In case any1 is interested just pm me or ask questions here.
  11. Building a new station

    Heh. What I meant is that I bought my for sth around...860 and then it went down to 730 or sth like that
  12. Hi, I have this piece of code float scale[]; for (int i=0; i<@numpt; i++) { float size = point(geoself(), "area", @ptnum); scale[i] = size; } f[]@testing = scale; Which gives me an array of the same value for each point. So: 0: [12,12,12,12....] 1: [4,4,4,4....] 2: [67,67,67,67...] .... What I want is an exact array for each of the points from @area. This way when I sort the array, I can get the biggest value, and therefore keep only the biggest object (because Im using packed geometry) EDIT: I know I can just sort with sort SOP by attrib. But just trying to uderstand and learn VEX and wrangles better
  13. Building a new station

    Ok good to hear that Radeon works too. Because every1 has been crying that amd cards for work are terrible. And I dont know if thats even an objective opinion or rather people just repeating what they have read in the internet. Anyways I finally got the build. Rather cheap and most important upgradeable. However still above the budget. But you know how it is, always going above the budget. The next day I bought my TR, the prices dropped down around 130CAD for my cpu. That was unfortunate. But on the other hand amazon by mistake send me an extra 1TB ssd drive so.... Im pretty happy Using that for caching ofcourse build specs
  14. update vel,P in popwrangle [SOLVED]

    Actually I just tried simple attrib transfer @v in sopsolver (which is besically the same thing) and Im getting the same issue... So.... Wait...... Am I just emitting on a rest position? Yes I am! So the code is working, its just my chaos on the scene
  15. update vel,P in popwrangle [SOLVED]

    No no, the code is not pasted. Because Of security I cannot copy/paste the code. So I mistyped it here Cannot share anything, later tonight when I come home I will recreate the issue and post the file