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  1. Is there a way to retime compressed fluid

    Thank you Follyx. That's inspired.
  2. Hi, guys, It's a very simple scene. A torus emit particle fluid into a box . (fig.0) I cached a compressed flip fluid , and retime(speed=0.6) it , the particle fluid surface node will not return a correct result while the "Union Compressed fluid surface" checked. It seems like the compressed fluid surface is not at the correct location and make a very strange result (fig.3). The retimed particle looks ok ,but the mesh not. fig.1 is particle, it's correct , fig.2 is compressed fluid surface, it seems not at the correct location, fig.3 is surface polygon soup. There is a very strange artifact. Is there a way to retime compressed fluid? Thanks!
  3. Thank U very much. It works.
  4. Good idea!Thank U very much!It works.
  5. Hi,guys! Is there a way to exchange two points' @ptnum? I want to exchange pt0 and pt1's @ptnum.And don't affect the prim Normal direction. setpointattrib(0,"ptnum",0,1,"set"); setpointattrib(0,"ptnum",1,0,"set"); They don't work. Thanks.
  6. Emit particles from texture in 16.5

    Thank you .Yes,this will need high resolution mesh.although attribfrommap is much more efficient than pic function.It is inspiring.Thanks again.
  7. Hi, I want to emit particles from an texture just like in maya. I find the old thread here : but in houdini 16.5. That seems not work. . there are no " birth probability ",but "emisson attribute".And it says that it will use a point attribute.(but this will need very high mesh resolusion.) I fill the pic function in it ,but it returns an error. How to do this ? Thank you very much.
  8. It is great! Thank you very much!
  9. There are points of a grid , grouped by bounding geometry. The sphere1 is moving, I want to save the time ($FF) to a point attribute,when the point was joined to the group. How to do that?Thank you very much!