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  1. Wow, that was quick! I’ve tried it and it works as long as your input doesn’t already have an A plane. Not really sure if that’s the intended behaviour (pre-16), but hey, it’s easy to fix anyway with a Delete node. Awesome!
  2. Thanks Mark, happy to hear I’m not the only one with the problem. Hope it gets fixed!
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. Cheers! Were you able to try it in 16 in your system though? Did it fail too?
  5. Thanks Szymon, that would definitely be enough for a Luma key, since you can crush the alpha afterwards, but what about a Chroma key though? I forgot to mention, I’m using 16.0.504.20 on OSX 10.12.3 with an unsupported GPU (Intel Iris Pro). Do you think the GPU might be the issue? I thought COPs didn’t use it…
  6. Hi there, I was trying the composite features in H16, and found out that no matter what I do, the Chromakey and Lumakey nodes don’t output any alpha. I thought the problem was due to my File nodes not having any alpha plane on them, but even after creating one with the Color node, the alpha doesn’t get modified, just the colour plane —keyed out areas are black as expected. Is this normal behaviour, am I doing something wrong? Not attaching any example file since the only thing I’m doing is File > Chromakey or Lumakey, check the A plane, and it either doesn’t exist or it’s unmodified by the keyer. Thanks in advance!