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  1. Net fibres effect

    Thanks! I will look it
  2. Hi, I was trying to emulate an effect like this. Once I have a 3D model, any ideas of how to turn a solid or VDB into something similar to this? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply. I don´t understand how to use the add sop based on attribute value. Sort sop worked nicely
  4. Hi, Is it posible to reset the point numbers for each primitive? So the points start counting from 0 in each circunference? If I have 2 circunferences, I want to join the points of each one as in the image. I have used and add node, skip every Nth point. The problema is that if I add more points in the circunferences, the correlation would break. Thanks! Circunferences lines.hip
  5. How to selects a point ID using VEX?

    Thanks, I have been able to do with the SOP nodes, but I am not able when I try using only VEX. When I type: if (@ptnum = 56) { v@P.y = v@P.y + 2; } It moves the whole grid of points. How can I move only the point 56? I cant figure how to select a single point of a grid with the code
  6. Hello, How can you select a point, when you have lots of them? Using VEX or nodes Thanks!
  7. Please critique my beast rig

    I am wondering why didn´t you get a SSD m.2 NVME drive instead of sata?
  8. New Threadripper 2 - Core Speed vs Core Count

    Would that mean that Ram speed between DDR4 2400 and 3200 would be a high difference?
  9. Quad channel RAM?

    Hi, I was going to make a threadripper 2950, which supports quad channel and dual channel. Does it make a big difference? My idea was to place 2x16 GB RAM, to upgrade in a future with another 2x16 (and have the possibility to get 128 RAM if necessary). Is it a bad idea? Thanks
  10. How much RAM is too much ?

    I have been told that you can use a SSD hard drive to reduce the amount of RAM that you need in a sim. Is that posible? With the actual prices of RAM it would be very convenient
  11. HD print screen?

    I wanted to do something much easier, just an image of what you can see in the screen. A printscreen has low resolution, and doing renders of everything step by step is very slow.
  12. Hello everyone, Is it possible to make a print screen with high resolution without doing a render? Thanks!
  13. Can Houdini do this kind of simulations? Using forces imitating real physics. Ca
  14. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Now I am thining to buy a Threadripper 1950x or a i7 8700k. There is a big price difference. Benchmarks show the 8700k much better than ryzen 1700