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  1. Smoke Solver Collision on Type

    Need a bit of help on a problem for a client, ( on an NDA as well ). Basically, I have a pipeline that shoots to Octane in C4D for the VDB usage and the smoke sim I made is fine and they are head over heels for it but the type (in the smoke) in the first frame is too pixelated for them and not high res enough. I've been trying to find the right amount of density and type space to keep the titles as sharp as possible but when I put them into C4D and play around about it's still exported in Alpha somewhat pixelated. Any ideas? I have a sample hip of the pig had at a reasonably replicated density to the pig but I need it to be more stoic. Smoke_collide_pig.hip
  2. Cheers will tuck into it thanks so much for your time and the reply.
  3. Yea i've watched this a billion times and when he sets up the proxy animations he doesn't really explain the whole process that comprehensively. How do you get the geo to loop back into the FEM animation? Is there a way to animate my OG geo positioning and still utilize that as a cue for the import into the solid node? It seems like it should be so much easier and less steps than the program is having me do, I feel like it's super simple and I'm jumping through hoops.
  4. Hello I'm new here just trying to figure out how Erik Ferguson is doing these FEM solvers with these little tugs on his meshes like so/ Been trying to figure out for about a week and also trying to incorporate some rigged elements into same pipeline. Anyone have a clue? Everytime Import the Geo or trail into the solid node nothing happens or houdini crashes Thanks again.