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  1. SQL for Houdini

    That's true, although I haven't seen anyone yet trying to build a dedicated node for this functionality - except some bits and bobs in game dev toolset like csv I/O.
  2. SQL for Houdini

    Do you think that it would be useful to add databse connectivity to Houdini and also (as in the topic) to add 'SQL Wrangle'?
  3. I know about Cache Manager (Shift+Alt+M), but I am looking for a way to clear memory DURING cooking. Otherwise definition will crash. I tried rewriting fuse SOP in VEX, but with the same problem: int points[]=pcfind(0,"P",@P,0.0000001,200); pop(points,0); foreach(int i; points){ removepoint(0,i); }
  4. PolyExtrude Issue?

    Has anyone found a solution for this?
  5. Can loops be frame-dependent?

    Thanks a lot for those suggestions, that sounds very promising - I will do a test for Solver DOP then and see if I'll manage to get OpenCL code to work there.
  6. Can loops be frame-dependent?

    I am using the script from Houdini 16.5 Masterclass on OpenCL. In 58:09 Jeff shows how it works.
  7. Can loops be frame-dependent?

    solver wouldn't work for me, because you can't put it in compile blocks. I am looping through two opencl nodes, which for loop nodes can handle efficiently, because they are compilable
  8. Can loops iterate over time? For example, iteration 1 - Frame 1; iteration 2 - Frame 2; ...
  9. hi Do you know how to keyframe each iteration inside for loop block? Currently, $F in "Iteration" parameter reevaluates everything. Or is there a way to keyframe "next "iteration?
  10. Render COP for OpenGL

    Hi Could somebody please help me program a COP node, which will directly link OpenGL ROP renders? The same as Render COP, but not only for Mantra.
  11. Hi Does anyone know a fast way to transform large arrays of points into simple voxel meshes (with no overlapping faces inside)? Unfortunately, VDB won't work. Is there any existing vex script by any chance?