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  1. Does the license allow you to embed parts of Houdini's products in your own commercial software? Have you heard about any project that uses them commercially already?
  2. on the topic of REST webclients for Houdini here was an interesting project using python2's BaseHTTPServer and three-js (2016): In terms of licensing, I spoke with SideFX Support a couple of months ago and they agreed on the usage of HE as a web server, as long as it isn't meant as a mere bypass into Houdini itself (but don't take my word for it, for any new project please contact them directly).
  3. gRPC with Houdini HDK advice?

    from a recent Databricks presentation: youtube.com/watch?v=Jm9HC9y3MDA
  4. I found an interesting Java snippet, which generates a large three-dimensional array. I would like to generate different variations of this and send it to Houdini for further processing. This 3D array barely fits into a single computer memory, so I would like to build a (bear with me) distributed system with a number of Java and Houdini nodes talking to each other via... gRPC. I am not awfully familiar with gRPC, but it looks like an ideal candidate due to performance. I don't imagine that Houdini supports it, but how would one go about implementing it with HDK?
  5. gRPC with Houdini HDK advice?

    I am wondering how much overhead there would be in the serialization of such an array - Apache Arrow looks very promising: 1. Importing csv files in the old GameDev's Python node used to take ages. I haven't tried the new csv node in PDGs, but the point is that there seemed to be a huge benefit in using bgeo. 2. Apache Arrow has Flight framework, but it only works with gRPC's protobuffs. As symek mentioned Houdini integrated with Thrift already, but it might be interesting to test if an inlinecpp/HDK module would yield any noticeable difference for a 6GB file for example. Conclusion: the world of (premature) optimizations knows no end.
  6. Distributed SOP cooks?

    EDIT: Hmm... one could partition geo [101 of wedge ROP] with id attributes for each slice and distribute them then. As opposed to DOPs, SOP networks are "stateless", which should obviate any need for communication between slices. A bit of overlap between them should do the trick? Thanks, I see. Yes, distributed cooks are an edge case. Hmm... what about buffered reads then? The problem is mostly limited memory (yes, sometimes even 64GB isn't enough ) I hoped maybe for a distributed solution from the new PDG workflows, but it seemed to only distribute variations of separate cooks.
  7. Distributed SOP cooks?

    I'd watched the video showcasing distributed particle sims, but only recently it occurred to me that this technique only applies to DOPs? Am I correct in saying that there is no general solution to distribute SOP cooks? For example, slicing and aggregating (map-reducing) VDB clouds or any VEX snippets on large meshes?
  8. cat data.csv | houdini script.{hip,hda} > new-data.csv aka HOUNIX It would be great if one could use houdini hips/hdas as general tools for processing datasets. In the above example this might be a csv file. Apologies for the duplicate question. The question is how though? Can houdini.exe -background achieve it, or can hcmd.exe capture stdin and stdout?
  9. What are derivatives?

    "A derivative is a financial security with a value that is reliant upon or derived from, an underlying asset or group of assets—a benchmark. The derivative itself is a contract between two or more parties, and the derivative derives its price from fluctuations in the underlying asset." source
  10. gRPC with Houdini HDK advice?

    amazing, thank you! So there shouldn't be any reason for this algorithm not to work on OpenCL. That opens up an ocean of possibilities. I'm currently swamped though by another research, but I will definitely try looking into this as soon as possible. In a more distant future I would like to integrate this type of iterative functions/fractals into architectural design. I think that there are a lot of opportunities for these gems in this sphere.
  11. gRPC with Houdini HDK advice?

    excellent, thank you. So he goes straight up to OpenCL - that should give it an amazing speed up. If I translated it correctly he implemented the famous Game of Life, which should work fine on GPU, but the code I linked above uses also a bit more tricky diamond-square algorithm. I'm not quite sure yet how easy it will be to 'vectorize' it.
  12. gRPC with Houdini HDK advice?

    oh wow, yes if you could please deep search your browsing history to find this version that would amazing!
  13. gRPC with Houdini HDK advice?

    That's correct, softology did port his snippet soon after. Thanks for digging it out I forgot the name of their website.
  14. gRPC with Houdini HDK advice?

    Thanks and I'm glad that you like it - I owe this codebase my architecture degree really. Full credit to an ingenious researcher Brent Werness (who I hope will write a license for this code at some point). It's a variation of cellular automaton and noise generating algorithms (I think it's a close "breed" to fractals). I did try and got stuck porting this to VEX actually. Offloading this to multiple threads got in the way (I think) and simply copying this into Python didn't seem that beneficial. I would rather keep the original as it is and pipe only the end result (the 3D array) for processing in Houdini (setting up 'best practice'). After all, there must be tons of lesser-known gems similar to this on the Internet and I hoped to develop a more general solution first for dealing with them as they come and go. I realize that doing this directly in Houdini with OpenCL and DOPs distributed simulations would be easier though. Also if someone did port it to Houdini before me that would be actually pretty cool!
  15. gRPC with Houdini HDK advice?

    Wow, thanks a lot for taking a look at this. I'm nowhere near as experienced to know which of those options would work best yet... I'll just have to check all of them. Thanks for bringing up distributed simulations, Houdini Engine, FlatBuffers, Arrow and OpenMPI - I'll dive deeper into all of those. I agree that gRPC wasn't the right direction, there are plenty of better solutions for just moving plain data. Just for reference here is the snippet I wanted to process with Houdini.
  16. what are scriptargs?

    in hython I don't know what are scriptargs. I found reference to kwargs, but scriptags remain enigma
  17. Using Pre-Flight to archive scenes and dependencies

    2019 still waiting for this feature
  18. Multiple Groups or Index multiple selections

  19. I am looking for one node, which groups multiple selections. It's not really a group, but an index attribute with ability to be selectable.
  20. Allegorithmic's plugin doesn't show up in SHOP network. Houdini 17.0. Plugin installed in houdini.17.0/dso (even though by default it was 17.5) Tried reinstalling Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable - didn't work. Has anyone got it to work?
  21. I am trying to send jobs to Thinkbox Deadline with differnet cameras at different takes. I can't do it using only one redshift ROP - is it necessary when sending jobs to create new ROP for each camera?
  22. How to bake multiple materials

    Solved: OpenGL tags were clashing with the principled shader
  23. I am trying to bake into one texture mesh, which has multiple materials (applied with 'sop_quickmaterial'). However, it outputs just the first one correctly - the other materials are all black. Example: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pT5VAtQkUEL7Oc9QY4ypt4xKS5Ux9iB_ This is also a follow-up to this thread: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/66020/?page=1#post-282159
  24. Bake texture into another uv (uv2)

    Solved here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/66020/?page=1#post-282157
  25. I am trying to bake textures into a new uv layout. I created uv2 attribute on vertices, but don't know how to tell baker to use it. An example of this in blender: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h880hxH-BC8