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  1. Water Sim.

    After a long pause with the project, I'm pretty much happy with the results. Now I hope to have some time going further with the final composition. All particles were saved as geo's, but if somebody wants the hip file before that point with all my settings pls let me know. I use an Indie license... Hope you like this draft render... please ignore the watermark, don't want to see this video somewhere else.. I sent also to other people...
  2. Water Sim.

    Because in the meantime I learned a few more things, and with the help I received here I could go on with the next personal project. It's a bit more complex and I hope I can handle it. If not, I'm going to ask the most experienced people here for a little help.. keep in touch. Florin
  3. Water Sim.

    hello again. I had a little more time to play with the scene, and even if I went down to 0.02 particle separation, the foam still looks weird.... more as a smoke kind of instead of foam/bubbles When I'll have more time to play I would go with another approach... For water > particles to geo.sc to VDB shape and texture For foam > particles to geo.sc to vdb rasterize and spray texture what do you think?
  4. Water Sim.

    Nothing as I expected. I think I need to find a solution to render some frames before doing the final render because the vdb mesh I made is far from "real" water/foam/etc... What I think I need to make ....to improve this sim.. 1. particle separation from 0.05 to something like 0.02 2. separate geo cache for water, foam and bubble/spray 3. more attention on lighting the scene. Was an experiment, even so, not happy with lights... Any other inputs will be appreciated. Thanks. keep in touch, Florin teste_masina_2.mantra1.mov
  5. Water Sim.

    Hello. This is my first post here, sorry if my work is not up to the level of many users from around, but I'm very new in Houdini. I have some background in 3dsmax and some programming (java and C) and I decided to spent this year in digging into H16 for some personal projects, and maybe later to find a position into a real VFX company. The project I did is my first "real project" but the sim/cache took some of my time, and it would be over in 2-3 days... I wanted to be even more realistic but I really don't have a rocket PC When all render is done I'll let you see the final results and of course waiting for some input on how to make it even better. keep in touch, Florin