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  1. immeen

    unreal vdb issue

    In Hoodini, you can see fire and smoke without lights, but Unreal vdb comes out weird without lights. I didn't know I'd ask this on the Hoodini forum, but even if I posted it on Unreal, no one knew, so I posted it here
  2. Originally, I made a fountain, but if I just play, it comes out well, but if I go over to Niagara, it doesn't play. I set it up like the image above It doesn't play in "niagara" at all OrgPlay.mp4
  3. What should we start with the pinart work?
  4. We are testing it like the video above. However, no matter how hard I try, I can't go down and up again while maintaining the shape like a video. What should I do? I'm sorry that I'm not fluent in English. Comp_1.mp4
  5. Like in the video above, how should we approach that kind of acting as the vehicle comes through? I've tried pyro, and I don't feel like I'm getting through a car. KakaoTalk_20210803_143937883.mp4
  6. immeen


    I'm studying to make Splash come out like that. It's not as good as I thought it would be. Is there any good way or a tutorial? odforce.hip
  7. I'm studying the splash that comes out in 5 seconds. But when I did it, that shape didn't come out very well. When I do it, the two liquids merge into one. Is there any good way? I'm sorry for my inexperience because English is not my first language.
  8. How should I feel "diffusion" just like the video on the link? I tried to use solver, but it didn't work.
  9. How should I make a pattern that spreads like a flower around the point in the video and image? mandala Pattern 546.mp4
  10. How would you like to express the dust flowing in the desert in the front of you? Or do you have a duet? I'm sorry that my mother tongue is not English. KakaoTalk_20201019_212600494.mp4
  11. How should I express the sun's flare like a video? I want to try the part that flows and explodes. NASA___Magnificent_Eruption_in_Full_HD.mp4
  12. What should I do to make the water flow like this video? Or do you have a duet? Please let me know if you know any of these tutorials. I don't care if it's free or paid. REF.mp4
  13. Hi. Thanks for clicking. [particle fluid surface] I'm making mash with nodes. However, there is a flickering phenomenon in the shape of growing. Can I solve this? I need your help. particle_fluid.hip particle_fluid.mp4
  14. immeen

    jelly scoop

    How to unwrap jelly? I tried using "pop Grain" but it didn't work. Is there a good way? JellyScoop.hip
  15. I am sorry that there are many mistakes because English is not my native language. I'm making waves. I want to make it in white water"ocean surface" which is flying in waves like in the video. How do I approach it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-kORdrmrwE OCeansurface.hip
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