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  1. I'm creating a graphic that demonstrates the exponential spread of uranium 235 fission reaction. I have a u235 molecule copy to the points of a grid. What I need to do is show 1 to 3 neutrons being split off from on molucule striking other molecules and those in turn release 1 - 3 neutrons for a more or less exponential growth. I've created a molecule and used copy to points on a grid but can't think of how to create the chain reaction with particles. Any guidance is appreciated. (I found an old post about this topic, but it didn't really help).
  2. I'm working through a destruction course and the instructor uses almost exclusively booleans for fracturing. Is this common or standard for folks? This was for 17.5 and I'm not sure if any updates to the rbd tools have made this outdated. I like the chipping feature of the rbd fracture. Don't want to waste my time on old methods.
  3. additivie manufacturing simulation

    asweome. Thank you very much for the help.
  4. I need to create an artisitst representation of metal addidive manufacturing. basicallly a laser liquifing small metal pellets with a laser. My thought was to use grains and have them melt into a viscous flip liquid. However I can't thing who to transition from one to the other...if that even makes sense. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  5. When I use the replictate particles node the new particles are offset from the original point. Can I make them emit from exactly the original particle?
  6. yes! very similar to this.
  7. I want some particles to be attracted to a spehere as they move. When they contact the sphere I want them to slide along the surface. I've tried diving into the pop solver collison tab but I'm just not getting it. I also have tried the pop collision behavior node but still don't get it. Do I need RBD? I don't want to bounce. just stick and slide.
  8. random particle detach from surface

    So I'm feeding the pop wrangle into a pop wind per the example file. The VEX appears to use an external volume to add to the pop wrangle, but I want to run some VEX that will add particles randomly to a group over time. So I guess I need to say at current time add random particle number to group.
  9. random particle detach from surface

    Awesome. Thank you, Sir.
  10. Bit of a newbie here so please pardon if this is obviouse. I want a series of particles on a surface that randomly detach and float upward as the surface distorts. I know how to scatter the particle on a surface, but having them randomly detach and be subject to forces is the stretch for me. Thanks.
  11. LiDAR from USGS

    First - You're awesome. Thanks for the help. I did use LASzip. I found an online LiDAR visualizer so I can see the data is there. In Houdini it is reading points. I've upload one of the las files and look through the link you posted. Thanks. ot_588000_5188000_rp.las
  12. LiDAR from USGS

    Thanks. I found a post with example files but they didn't with my data. My files are OK so not sure what's up.
  13. I need to create a model of Mount Rainier so I've down loaded some LiDAR data from the USGS. It was .laz and I converted to .Las. I import the data with the LiDAR import node. However I don't see a point cloud for me to manipulate my height field with. I feel like I need to start trouble shooting by at least verifying the .las is importing properly. I'm not great at Houdini yet so I apologise is this is basic.
  14. Learning Pyro and I have one sphere that is emitting fuel. As second sphere is emitting heat to ignite the fuel and then moving out of range, it's basically the igniter. Problem is that the fuel begins to burn and then the fire dies. I've tried increasing the fuel scale, reducing fuel inefficiency and other setting but no luck. I can't get the fuel to burn on its own. Any parameters I should be looking at? Thanks.