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  1. Metaball Volume rendering

    Hi everybody! Good smoke Korhon! how can i do a 3d displacement?! "apply a 3d displacement shader to the metaballs as well. Yes, you can displace volumes !" Thanks, and please korhon could you share the .hip when you will finish it?
  2. Houdini 10 Wish List

    My 5 cents: I really think that SESI has to find a way to "lock" or change the color of a parameter field if other attribute is overwriting it. (as with key or expression) For instance: If you are creating an attribute in POPS, "diff" or "Alpha" or anything to override the shader value, it must block the shader parameter.
  3. Inherit Velocity

    mmm.... I thought that wasn't going to work, i thought the will get the velocity per id in the cookie, but not... it's working perfect ... That was an example scene, but seems that is gonna work on my scene THANKS!
  4. Inherit Velocity

    Hi there! It would be great if someone could help me with this. It's a "small" problem, but i don't know how to solve it, probably i'm using the wrong way to do it. I would to emit some particles from the intersection of two planes. I made a cookie SOP between the two planes, and getting a polygonal curve from the intersection. And emit from that curve. The problem is the curve is not a stable curve to calculate the velocity, because the points are moving on the curve to calculate the boolean. So the velocity calculation is not correct, and some particles are going crazy. I'm sure there is a better way to do that. I'm attaching an example scene to see the issue. Thanks in advance! inheritedVelocity.hipnc
  5. Depth Shadows H9

    Hi there, I'm trying to render some particles with depth shadows in H9, but i'm doing something wrong, and i don't know what it is. I`m trying it in two ways, with a standard light and creating a shadow shader and connect it to a light template. With the standard light in deep shadow option: -The render region doesn't seem to work with the Default Render. It's doing some weird shadows With the shadow shader in deep shadow mode: -I can't find the transparence shadow mode. Someone can help me? thanks!
  6. Attribute Vs. Variable

    Yeah! it helps I thought that the point() function it was slower than an $variable, but I guess that I was just wrong. I come from maya, and that kind of things are slower than a node conexion, so I have to change my mind. Thanks!
  7. Hi there, I have a question about how houdini is getting the attributes. If i have an object with one point attribute, in this case "p_pressure", how can I get the value of that attribute in the next node? I know the "point" operation, and I know how to use it. The question is: why can't i use $P_PRESSURE? Have I create an attribute node to do that? I'm a little bit confuse about attribute and variables thanks advance.
  8. Constraints...

    Oks, I found it. After 2 days without any reply How to create Orient Constraint In Houdini CHOP`s: -create 3 objects: A, B, C -parent B to A. (A is the parent and B is the child ) C will control the rotation of B. -go to chop layout and create 2 nodes: object node and export node. -put A on "Reference object" and C on "Target object". -set what-ever-you-want in compute. In this case "rotation" -In the export node, put B on "Node" and "rx ry rz" or "r?" in "Path" -set on the state of the export node and that's it. And now just move A and u will see the results. Just play with the other modes of object node to obtain diferent kind of constraints. Hope you find it helpful
  9. Verbose Mode

    wow! THAT`S COOL! I will try some things! thanks!
  10. Constraints...

    Hi, I have been trying to do some constraints in houdini. I read the old topics and also the help, and I`m seeing that is imposible (i think so) create an orient constraint with the blend node. I mean, works like in local space, it's fine for blend between parents, but not for orient or point constraint. I think the right way is through the chops, but I don't know if I doing something wrong becouse doesn't work properly... If someone could take a look to the .hip... takk fyrir orientConstraint.hipnc
  11. Verbose Mode

    Thanks steven! I dont want any specifically, just get familiar with command, syntax and so on. I see that is not outputing the hscript commands...but it will be nice anyway thanks
  12. Verbose Mode

    Hi, I was wondering, if there is any way to see a "verbose mode", to see what "commands" you are using, similar to the maya`s "script editor". thanks!
  13. Mobile Intel 915gm Express Chipset

    Hi, thanks for the reply I found some fixer variables, and I fixed it forcing houdini to work with software, so probably is a opengl issue. Now doesn't crash, but is pretty slow. If someone knows a different way to fix it, please let me know. Here are the variables that I found, may they could be useful to someone. HOUDINI_OGL_SOFTWARE 1 (force software) HOUDINI_OGL_HARDWARE 1 (force hardware) HOUDINI_OGL_DBL_BUFFER_FIX 1 (nvidia patch) HOUDINI_UI_QUEUE_SIZE 99999 (queue size) bye!
  14. Mobile Intel 915gm Express Chipset

    Hi there, I'm having some problems with (i guess) the opengl on Houdini. I have an Intel 915 in a vaio laptop. I know, it's not a workstation. But I used to work on Maya with it, and I dont have any problems. I've to run houdini without hardware acceleration, becouse if I opening the help, the houdini console is outputting this message, before the crash: ""NT_GeneratorThread::queueEvent event queue full. Event dropped." I'm running Houdini on Windows, I don't know if there is any patch, or may works better on Linux or just Houdini doesnt support my card. I don't hope so. thank u in advance.
  15. Setrange

    Thanks guys! I used CHOPS finally. I didn't know how input and output from objects to objects attributes, but i know already So, I guess that i can't do the same with VEX than with the CHOP (inputs & outputs to objects). Other question is, I saw in the old sidefx videos, how they created a operator, but know is different, isn't it? I have to create first a subnetwork and then a digital asset, right? well, thanks for everything!