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  1. Hi, you can use parm.rawValue()
  2. Hda have the ability to contain editable nodes. How would I check if an hda contains edited nodes in python. I'm aware that i could iterate over all the hierachy, but maybe there is a better way??
  3. Hello, I'm planning to have a dedicated machine for hserver. Is 8GB Ram enough (with headroom)?
  4. You could use a python expression: file_name = hou.hipFile.basename() return file_name[-9:-6]
  5. Always cool to have stuff in vex! I just wanted to mention, that this is also implemented natively with the uvunwrap node. Edit: Was just reading about the cubic vertical environment cube uv layout thing. Missed that one.
  6. Thanks for your ideas. This is what I came up with in the end. I did only a rough interpolation and then used resample and subdivide to get adaptive and smooth samples. interpolate_transforms.hiplc
  7. Just in case someone want's to do something similar. I've ended up just using the spline function. Instead of a matrix I've choose quaternions and the position vector wich gave me quite acurate results.
  8. This editable option is inherited to all children. So create a subnet in the hda and do the procedural creation inside the subnet.
  9. you will need to unlock it first. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/Node.html#allowEditingOfContents If it is your own hda you can also predefine it as editable using the node tab in the type properties.
  10. I have a little challange for you guys: How to interpolate a transformation matrix of an instance point in a non linear fashion? Here is a file for you to give it a try. interpolate_transforms.hiplc
  11. you should create a systemd service https://medium.com/@benmorel/creating-a-linux-service-with-systemd-611b5c8b91d6 but usually it should be created automaticly
  12. Hey, I want to compress caches with PDG. The idea is to split the cache in bundles of ~5 and compress them to then be uploaded afterwards. So what I would need to do is remap the work items in a way that they group to a fifth. Every new work item contains the 5 paths to the bundled cache files. If I got this setup I can trigger a python script to trigger the compression. Can someone help? Edit: I just found the filecompress node and will use that.
  13. Hi Martin, this is more of a desktop manager issue. What desktop manager are u using? Maybe consider switching.
  14. Great to have you guys still around! How did you experience the community changing? Sometimes I read older posts and feel like back in the days the community was more skilled and willing to share, but maybe I'm wrong and it's just the few posts standing out?
  15. The default flipbook cancel behaviour should be to keep the current frame. I think there is a shortcut for this, but I keep forgetting about it.
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