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  1. Confirm ui message

    Sorry for being blind. I cant find it. I want to "click away" / accept a display message. What function do you mean?
  2. Confirm ui message

    Is there a way to confirm a display message with python?
  3. Use Light Categories on the Light. Then use that Category in "Light Selection" on the Mantra node/extra image plane
  4. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    I had similar problems., but I've found the ultimative Solution (my doc told me). Try a tennis ball and massage your forearm muscles. Sound super stupid but its awesome! there are also special massage balls for this purpose. Its worth a try!
  5. Tileable Noise

    Check out the liked thread. I think the aproach is much more elaborate. As i'm understanding it the idea is to bend the noises sampling position in a way that the start and the endpoint are meeting each other.
  6. Fill Selection

    I solved it myself. Did it the "easy way" and created the logic in sops. Would still be interesting to do it all in Python, but this way i could easily solve it and its "more procedural". If you are interested in the script - here you go: import toolutils selection = toolutils viewer = selection.sceneViewer() viewer.setPickGeometryType(hou.geometryType.Edges) selection = selection.sceneViewer().selectGeometry() node = selection.nodes()[0] id = node.createOutputNode("attribwrangle", "point_id", 1) id.parm("class").set("point") id.parm("snippet").set("i@point_id = i@ptnum;") id_pos = id.position() blast = id.createOutputNode("blast", "edge_blast") blast.parm("group").set(str(selection)) blast_pos = id_pos + hou.Vector2((2,-1)) blast.setPosition(blast_pos) connectivity = blast.createOutputNode("connectivity", "connectivity", 1) connectivity.parm("attribname").set("split_id") copy = id.createOutputNode("attribcopy", "attribcopy", 1) copy_pos = id_pos + hou.Vector2((0,-3)) copy.setPosition(copy_pos) copy.setInput(1, connectivity, 0) copy.parm("attribname").set("split_id") copy.parm("matchbyattribute").set(1) copy.parm("attributetomatch").set("point_id") promote = copy.createOutputNode("attribpromote", "attribpromote", 1) promote.parm("inname").set("split_id") promote.parm("outclass").set(1) promote.parm("method").set(0) promote.setSelected(1, 1) promote.setDisplayFlag(1) promote.setRenderFlag(1) viewer.setCurrentState("select") viewer.setPickGeometryType(hou.geometryType.Primitives) viewer.setGroupPicking(1) viewer.setGroupListType(hou.groupListType.Primitives) viewer.setGroupListMask("@split_id *") viewer.setGroupListColoringGeometry(1)
  7. Fill Selection

    Hi! In Cinema there is a feature called fill selection (see gif). I really miss it in Houdini and would like to recreate it using Python. I know some Python, but I've never used it for geometry related stuff. Since I don't know the functions I'm not sure on how to find the corresponding primitives. Can someone help me getting started? How would you approach it? Any help is much appreciated!
  8. Precise values

    Ok, thanks for explaining, but I would rather expect the spreadsheet not to round.
  9. Precise values

    if you take any parameter and type a value of 0.1 Houdini is going to make it 0.10000000000000001. Why the fuck is it doing this?? Can you change that?
  10. Houdini 17... Try the newest build.
  11. Python from string parameter

    Cool, it worked! Thank you!
  12. Python from string parameter

    Ok, so now my Buttons callback script is: eval(kwargs['node'].parm('python').eval()) I've set the Python code string Tags to script_callback_language: python and editorlang: python. Just for testing I've just added: print "Yeay, it worked" But I'm getting the error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> SyntaxError: ('invalid syntax', ('<string>', 1, 5, 'print "Yeay, it worked"')) What am I doing wrong?
  13. dynamic bones

    Check out this stuff: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniChops
  14. Python from string parameter

    Hi, I have a string paramter on a node containing some python code and a button wich should execute the code. How do I write a callback script on the button so it executes the code stored as string in the other paramter?
  15. 2D Bullet Solver

    Ok, got it working. Thank you!