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  1. Crowd MoCap Females

    If its far away you can just add long hair on top, adjust the shaders and add some boobs XD
  2. Orient packed primitives to velocity

    Can you post a file give it a try?
  3. I think you get packing wrong. The uvs are there. Every packed copy is just one point, referring to the original. Drop down a uv quickshade and you should see proper uvs.
  4. Pack the geo before copying using the pack node. Then transfer the attributes u need in the pack node.
  5. Resimulate script

    Nice! But it seems this also doesn't work with sop solvers.
  6. Hi! I'm trying to understand how houdini lights work. Normally you can jump almost in every node and see how it works. If i jump in the light I only see the visualizers!? and constraints. I know there is the lightshader, but where is it applied? where does the magic happen?
  7. Resimulate script

    Ah cool! Thanks. Didn't know this function. Good to know, but good for dops only.
  8. Resimulate script

    Hi! I want to share a little shelf tool script wich is pressing the Reset Simulation Button for you while beeing in a Dopnet or Solver. I found it to be very useful. Hope it is helpful to someone. If you have suggestions on doing it in a cleaner, better way - let me know. I'm still learning Python. Cheers! #Resim by Johannes Heintz import os path = hou.ui.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.NetworkEditor,0).pwd().path() test = 0 while test < 10: test += 1 node = hou.node(path) if node.parm("resimulate"): test = 10 button = path + "/resimulate" hou.parm(button).pressButton() print "WORKED" else: path = os.path.dirname(path)
  9. Mass create nodes from tab menu

    Maybe I got you wrong. To create all of them just do it once by hand and then make a shelf out of it. (Select all Nodes and drag them to the shelf)
  10. Mass create nodes from tab menu

    Maybe use the OnCreated script to do so. There is the python command toolMenuLocations() to check the the Menu Folder. If the node is in the Folder you can use allowEditingOfContens().
  11. Hi! Is there any way to use the "new sequence" function of MPlay in a script? Somehow I can even have a shortcut of it.
  12. Split a curve

    Hi, how to split a curve in vex without convertline?
  13. Colour codes

    Thanks to everybody contributing here especially graham. Now I would like to go one step further, but I'm a noob in python, so I hope for you to help me. I want to have a network box "Lights" created if I add a new light to the scene. Every light created from this point on should be placed inside this networkbox.
  14. Hi! I like to use opinputpath for importing e.g. a Volume into a Dop-Simulation. In my opinion its more clean to visually see the data used in Dops. Now I want to combine the opinputpath with another expression. Lets say my 2nd input is a boundingbox, which I want to use to use in the gas resize fluid. I want to do something like bbox(`opinputpath("../.", 1)`, D_XSIZE), wich is not working. What would be the correct way ?