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  1. get back to object

  2. get back to object

    Hi! How to set panes to a specified node? I tried hou.cd() and hou.setPwd() I'm triggering a python script from an hda. In the script I copy nodes and this leads to a change in the path of my panes - its focusing on the copied nodes. I don't want this and want to refocus on the inital node.
  3. operator list in vex

    Hi, I have a parameter on my wrangle (operator list) with a realtive path e.g. "../Geo_*" . How to get an array of absolute pathes with all nodes matching ("obj/Geo_1", "obj/Geo_2", "obj/Geo_3", ...)
  4. Hi! I've seen the compile block beeing used not only with loops but also wraped around regular nodes. When do I profit from doing that? Edit: To quick asked. The help explains it:
  5. f@Alpha is for you
  6. FLIP SIM- Collision and Sticking Problem

    Exterior band voxels are from the colliders vdb. If the voxelsize of the collider is really small the "padding" - exterior band voxels need to be increased for collisions and also the sticking to work correctly. In my example file I have only a very thin narrow band for better speed. If you do somthing other than testig you should increase it a bit. I unlocked the solver only to enable opencl and to visualize the sticking. You could try to increase exterior band voxels even more. To only have it collide small padding is ok, but for the sticking it not only needs to know if fluid is inside of the collider, but also if it is close to the collider - this is where the exterior band voxels are really important to give it this padding and ability to check if the fluid is close. I will give it another test and try to make it stick more.
  7. FLIP SIM- Collision and Sticking Problem

    The exterior band voxels are not only important for the collisions, but also for the sticking. You should add more resolution, increase the exterior band voxels and tweak the sticking settings. Stick_Fluid_odforce.hipnc
  8. FLIP SIM- Collision and Sticking Problem

    It needs more exterior band voxels.
  9. Redshift material in SceneView

    Try to replace : with ;
  10. Explosion timing methods?

    If you don't have collisions involved you can also retime using the gas upres.
  11. Smoke - flat leading edge

    thanks for your replies. I guess its just a viewport / too lowres problem.
  12. Smoke - flat leading edge

    Hi! sometimes when simulating fast moving smoke there emerges a flat surface on top of the leading edge of the smoke. I've tried to increase the upper padding of the gas resize dynamic, but it seems not to help. Can someone tell me how to avoid this effect?
  13. To me this seems like a recursive loop. Maybe do 2 copy nodes. One for being the input and one for the output? But I'm no expert, haven't used the python node a lot.
  14. Can't Get Rid of Particle Stepping

    it's always a good idea to set the frame rate of the timeline to something low and check what is going on in those subframes.
  15. SDF from density in Dops

    Thanks, it's working, but unfortunately it' s much slower than the sop solver workaround. fog_to_sdf_dops_compare.hipnc