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  1. As said, it will render long no matter what you do. But you could try to reduce the ray limits even further and set "At Ray Limit" to use light color. If you have fireflies reduce the color limit.
  2. rbd and pop collision

    Why do you need pop collisions? Usually you use a sopsolver. Create one and chain it to the postsolve connector; inside there is the impact node with all data you need.
  3. Shelf tool set anywhere

    Would like to do this too. What i've seen so far is only pyqt, wich is able to do that.
  4. Fuel Based Rocket Launch

    Cool stuff! 2 Questions though. Why you use a Volume Source and gasenforceboundary for collsions? Shouldn't all this work by default? And is there a Reason you dont use OpenCl?
  5. Spinning Cluster Bullet

    Here is a very basic setup. I want to rotate the whole fractured sphere in a uniform way. I've placed the attribute calculation in the dopnet/sop_solver to be able to utilize the calculated pivot point. Would be awesome if someone could point me to the right direction. Bullet_Rotate_002.hipnc
  6. Spinning Cluster Bullet

    Hi, how to setup a rotating cluster of pieces. Usually I use the w attribute, but when i set it, it only accounts for individual pieces not my whole cluster.
  7. RBD Glue constraint jitter non-stop

    Also if you want the lowest box not to move - set i@active=0;
  8. RBD Glue constraint jitter non-stop

    Hi, First of all don't let the pieces intersect with the ground initially. Then there is v and w. W is for rotation. To fix the spinning turn up the rotational friction on the rbd object.
  9. Soft Collision for Smoke

    Hey! Is there a way to have an object with different collision intensities? Lets say a box travel through the smoke. The left side of the box collides fully and the right part collides not at all. Inbetween some smoke is allowed to pass through. The Gas Build Collision Mask has this option "Collide with Non-SDF" I thought I can just use a Volume with different densities instead of a sdf, but this didn't work for me.
  10. biological modelling methods

    Nice technique Konstantin! Thanks for sharing!
  11. SDF in DOP

    There is no node "gas match file". There is "gas match field". But its not what I need. What are you talking about?
  12. SDF in DOP

    How to create a SDF from e.g. a density volume inside DOPs? Edit: I know i can do it in a SOP solver, but this seems not to be ideal to me.
  13. Volume Preserving Deformation

    Ahhhh, If found this old thread with a nice file!
  14. Volume Preserving Deformation

    If you push the points outwards it's working, but if you push them inwards it's not. Would love to have something more like this:
  15. Hi! As the title says I want to do some volume preserving deformation. I've put together this cheesy example of what I want to achieve. It works in this case, but its not clean and not realistic at all. Maybe someone has a more elaborate approach? volume_preservation.hip