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  1. Is there a shortcut to go one node down or/and up in the node tree?
  2. Python Embed HDA

    Hi Magicans! Is there a python command to embed a specific hda? Haven't found it in the documentation. Thanks!
  3. Hi! you have x workitems, each with custom attributes. How to merge those items into one AND also merge the attributes to a list? My goal is to continue working with the list in python in a single thread. Thanks!
  4. Hi! I want to apply some SOP operation to a bunch of files on disk using tops. Example: Given a moving sphere cached on disk - colored red. PDG: I want to find all files using file pattern - *redSphere* create a backup file; And now the part I'm struggling with: Open the cache and change the color of the sphere to white. Now replace the inital file with a new one. Sound trvial, but I'm struggling maybe because I want to kind of overwrite the file I'm working on. Any help is much appreciated. pdg_is_simple.hipnc
  5. Hi, I just wanted to try arnold, but when I try to render it seems to not find "driver_houdini.so" , altough it is in the arnold plugin directory. Can someone tell me how to fix this? I'm on centos8. 00:00:00 103MB WARNING | unable to load dynamic library /root/htoa/htoa-5.3.0_r233605f_houdini-18.0.499/htoa-5.3.0_r233605f_houdini-18.0.499/arnold/drivers/driver_houdini.so: libHoudiniUT.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory 00:00:00 103MB ERROR | [ass] line 26: node "driver_houdini" is not installed 00:00:00 104MB WARNING | rendering with watermarks because the skip_license_check option was enabled 00:00:00 118MB ERROR | [aov] output references a non-driver node: /out/arnold1:iprsocket 00:00:00 118MB ERROR | [aov] output references a non-driver node: /out/arnold1:iprsocket 00:00:00 118MB ERROR | [aov] no valid output statements found: could be a progressive render without a display window 00:00:00 118MB WARNING | failed to launch bucket workers: received abort signal
  6. Vex Vim Autocomplete

    Ok thanks, are u using it? I installed it, but how do I use vex with it?
  7. Vex Vim Autocomplete

    Hi, Is someone here writing vex code with vim? I want to get started with vim and houdini (vim noob). But I have no idea on how to use autocompletion. I've seen those two gits: https://github.com/find/vim-vex-lang and https://github.com/davidhalter/jedi-vim . I've installed vim-vex-lang, but don't know how to activate it / trigger the completion. Maybe someone can give me a hint, any help is appreciated.
  8. Arch Linux

    Hey! is there someone who tried Arch linux? Are things breaking because of the rolling release distribution?
  9. RBD Art directing / manipulating vel [SOLVED]

    Ah, thats it! Thank you!!
  10. Hi! With the RBD-Solver how to edit velocities? I want to use vdb collisions and changing topology thats why I want to use RBDs not Bullet. With bullet I would use a wrangle and do something like v@v += curlnoise(v@P); How to achieve the same with rbds? RBD_DYNAMIC_FRACTURE_005.hiplc
  11. Tops - Wait for all

    Now i get it. thanks again! Highly appreciated!
  12. Sparse Pyro Upres

    ah, thanks!
  13. Sparse Pyro Upres

    If you want to give it a try. Here is a simple file. Sparse_Upres_001.hip
  14. Sparse Pyro Upres

    Hey, can someone help me upres a sparse sim? With pyro would be awesome!
  15. Tops - Wait for all

    Thanks Alejandro! But I'm not sure if you still be able to cook a frame range with each frame as an individual process this way?