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  1. Python Embed HDA

    Hi Magicans! Is there a python command to embed a specific hda? Haven't found it in the documentation. Thanks!
  2. Hi! you have x workitems, each with custom attributes. How to merge those items into one AND also merge the attributes to a list? My goal is to continue working with the list in python in a single thread. Thanks!
  3. Hi! I want to apply some SOP operation to a bunch of files on disk using tops. Example: Given a moving sphere cached on disk - colored red. PDG: I want to find all files using file pattern - *redSphere* create a backup file; And now the part I'm struggling with: Open the cache and change the color of the sphere to white. Now replace the inital file with a new one. Sound trvial, but I'm struggling maybe because I want to kind of overwrite the file I'm working on. Any help is much appreciated. pdg_is_simple.hipnc
  4. Hi, I just wanted to try arnold, but when I try to render it seems to not find "driver_houdini.so" , altough it is in the arnold plugin directory. Can someone tell me how to fix this? I'm on centos8. 00:00:00 103MB WARNING | unable to load dynamic library /root/htoa/htoa-5.3.0_r233605f_houdini-18.0.499/htoa-5.3.0_r233605f_houdini-18.0.499/arnold/drivers/driver_houdini.so: libHoudiniUT.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory 00:00:00 103MB ERROR | [ass] line 26: node "driver_houdini" is not installed 00:00:00 104MB WARNING | rendering with watermarks because the skip_license_check option was enabled 00:00:00 118MB ERROR | [aov] output references a non-driver node: /out/arnold1:iprsocket 00:00:00 118MB ERROR | [aov] output references a non-driver node: /out/arnold1:iprsocket 00:00:00 118MB ERROR | [aov] no valid output statements found: could be a progressive render without a display window 00:00:00 118MB WARNING | failed to launch bucket workers: received abort signal
  5. Vex Vim Autocomplete

    Hi, Is someone here writing vex code with vim? I want to get started with vim and houdini (vim noob). But I have no idea on how to use autocompletion. I've seen those two gits: https://github.com/find/vim-vex-lang and https://github.com/davidhalter/jedi-vim . I've installed vim-vex-lang, but don't know how to activate it / trigger the completion. Maybe someone can give me a hint, any help is appreciated.
  6. Vex Vim Autocomplete

    Ok thanks, are u using it? I installed it, but how do I use vex with it?
  7. Arch Linux

    Hey! is there someone who tried Arch linux? Are things breaking because of the rolling release distribution?
  8. RBD Art directing / manipulating vel [SOLVED]

    Ah, thats it! Thank you!!
  9. Hi! With the RBD-Solver how to edit velocities? I want to use vdb collisions and changing topology thats why I want to use RBDs not Bullet. With bullet I would use a wrangle and do something like v@v += curlnoise(v@P); How to achieve the same with rbds? RBD_DYNAMIC_FRACTURE_005.hiplc
  10. Tops - Wait for all

    Now i get it. thanks again! Highly appreciated!
  11. Hi! I have a question regarding Tops (File attached). You have 3 Caches: first cache is a Sim; next cache only one frame, but dependent on the first frame of the sim; and a final cache dependent on both. If I try to do this somehow it fails always. Only after a 2nd try it works if the inital sim is allready cached. Odforce_Tops_001.hiplc
  12. Sparse Pyro Upres

    ah, thanks!
  13. Sparse Pyro Upres

    Hey, can someone help me upres a sparse sim? With pyro would be awesome!
  14. Sparse Pyro Upres

    If you want to give it a try. Here is a simple file. Sparse_Upres_001.hip
  15. Tops - Wait for all

    Thanks Alejandro! But I'm not sure if you still be able to cook a frame range with each frame as an individual process this way?
  16. Honestly I don't know why they are different, but you shouldn't have this kind of problem if you use materials. The quickshade is just for preview. Why would you want to match it? Even for previews you should consider using materials: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shade/opengl.html
  17. Henry!!! Consider reading the help or at least watch a tutorial. You lost your way. What you need are materials!
  18. Wavelets

    Hey @mrWolf, have you found a way?
  19. Hi! does someone know a way to manipulate the 'make breakable setup' (voronoifractureconfigureobject) so it conintous keep fracturering till the pieces reach a certain size threshold?
  20. Hi! I want to share with you a little script I did which I think is quite useful. It allows you to convert for example alembic cameras to regular houdini cameras. Additionally it can scale cameras correctly and in general bake cameras. You will find the script here: MyWebsite
  21. Procedural texturing heavy meshes

    Why not bake it? You will need uvs. But once you have them - Houdini has an awesome bake function. No need for complex uvs and selecting uv-seams. Just use auto-seam. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/uvautoseam.html https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/out/baketexture.html
  22. Lambda

    Hi magicans! What does lambda mean in conjunction with PBD / Pop fluids?
  23. Random link of interest

    Mattias Lagergrens Highly Detailed Fluid Simulations on the GPU with Houdini http://webstaff.itn.liu.se/~jonun/web/teaching/2010-TNCG13/Lectures/OceansWithMathMattias.pdf
  24. FEM - baseP

    Hey magicans, I´m trying to understand FEM to make some contracting geometry. I´ve checked several example Files online worm-locomotion-with-fem and vimeo.com/258434651 . But all of them are not working. Animating restP and baseP in a Sop-solver (wired to multisolver) has no effect (vertices or point attrib). Are those files working for you?
  25. Hello! I'm stuggling with texturing my crowd. Random texturing for the agents themselves works fine, but I've added shapes which I can't adress in the stylesheet. It seems like I'm loosing my primitive group when adding the shape to the agent layer. So my question is: How to keep the shapes primitive group when adding to the agentlayer? Or am I missing something and there is another way of applying (random) textures on the added shapes?