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  1. Sparse Pyro Source Problem

    Hello, I'm trying out the new sparse pyro tools and really like them. However I am stuck at one point: The "pyrotrailsource" that feeds into the volume rasterize attribute node always produces these weird sources. It looks like the source is cut exactly in the middle in a low and high density field. The screenshot above is straight from the Shelf Tool "Aerial explosion". You can try it out yourself in H18.5. Sadly, the issue carries over into my custom explosions. This is how a customized source produces uncontrollable results in the combustion: Source: Result: Note that this issue is not caused by the shelf tool volume rasterize attribute. I created a fresh node: Same problem. I also checked all the particles outputted by the pyrotrailsource, they look fine and consistent. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
  2. Hello, here at the studio we want to use houdini more. We use shotgun heavily for flipbook/playblast discussion and feedback and we need a faster export from mplay. Whenever i hover over the export tab in mplay, the application freezes and loads hundreds of different quicktime video codecs. Is there a way to fix that? Its really slowing us down.
  3. Pyro Initial Velocity Follow Emitter Normal

    Wow, thanks so much! I figured it would somehow involve merging v and N but I didn't have a setup in my head for it. Very helpful, thanks again!
  4. Hello, I am currently doing some RnD on a rocket engine. For this to work properly, I need a way for my emitter geo to shoot flames with initial velocity in the normal direction of the emitter. I made a gif to show the problem. Red is the emitter, the arrow represents the direction of the initial velocity. Right now, my simulation only shoots flames with an initial velocity in one specified direction. I used the "add initial velocity" in the create volume source node of the emitter. But I don't really know how to animate that. Appreciate any help, thanks!