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  1. Houdini 17 crashing constantly

    Apparently on asus those drivers are installed as well. I removed them and so far H17 is running stable. Thanks a million!
  2. Houdini 17 crashing constantly

    asus rog rampage V edition 10 I have no idea what Nahimic is and or how to disable it.
  3. Houdini 17 crashing constantly

    I'm getting constant crashes too in H17. If I hit tab to lay down a node houdini crashes to desktop without any logs. Quite surprised by this! H 16.5 is fine on my rig. i7 6950X 128GB ram. 4x 1080 gpu Win 10 pro Rig mainly runs maya, Max vray and redshift. It's clean and was rebuilt a couple months ago. Used DDU and wiped my nvidea drivers. Running the latest and greatest. thoughts?
  4. I've been asked to quote a job where we would be doing large scale building demolition vfx work. Basically 15 seconds of animation where an old shopping center is destroyed by explosive charges, falls to the ground + lots of smoke and dust. Then a new shopping center rises from the ashes. The animation will be merged with either aerial footage or ground based footage filmed on location. There will be two locations to destroy, so eventually this means 2x 15 second animations. We may have the possibility of drone captured aerial footage of the surrounding location and old shopping center. This may provide the options for photogrammetry reconstruction of the old shopping center. Also we should be able to get our hands on architect viz data, probably max or sketchup files for the new shopping center. I'm looking for some houdini help to run the destruction simulations and smoke effects. I'm a maya guy and need a talented houdini artist to help. If you have experience in this + a reel to show I'd love to take a look and talk.
  5. 3D Graphs

    Some familiar avatars and screen names over here. Looks like a MODO exodus. Houdini rookie here and interested in this technique. Konstantin I've reached out to you by email.