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  1. https://vimeo.com/217732307 I was wondering if anyone could help me to understand this effect. I just find it beautiful and I want to try it myself. I'm new to particle simulations and the particles appear to look like sand grains and then squares in the second clip, I'm unsure how this is achieved in Houdini.
  2. @Atom - Thank you so much for helping me. My apologies for the late reply, I didn't realise anyone had responded.
  3. Hey, I found your ghost in the shell intro on youtube and after seeing the peel effect I've spent the last several hours trying to replicate it in Houdini. (I'm working on a project for uni and I thought it'd be a great addition)   I noticed you posted a hip file of this effect a couple of years ago, but unfortunately, the download to the cached files is long gone. I know I'm being really cheeky, but would you mind sharing some pointers?

    Also, goes without saying, but great work.  

  4. Hello all, I've hit a new problem, which is my object will not fill all the way, it stops when the emitter is under water. I've read on here that I could use the expand tool in the populate containers shelf, but when I do this it won't let me select my fluid. I tried another way of adding divergence, but I'm over my head as a new user. Here is a link to my scene file and the abc that goes wth it (attach it to the figure_geo). Dropbox - scene files If someone could please help me figure this out I'll be very grateful, I have a deadline for uni looming over me and I'm incredibly stressed out!
  5. face meshing

    I'm really drawn to the first one, but they're all great. Good work
  6. Magic world globe reconstruction

    Really nice, would've liked the camera to get closer to the final form though.
  7. Redhoot - Granularity HOW?

    Hi everyone, long time lurker, but i've finally started using Houdini so I decided to actually join this forum. Although completely out of my depth I'm having a lot of fun with it! I was wonderng if someone would be kind enough to break down the first 20ish seconds of this - I've successfully set up particle morphs from object a to b along a curve and played with turbulence and so on, but I'm unsure how to emit from a point into an object with such force as this. I'm not trying to copy, but I'm working on something for University and i'd like to achieve an effect such as this. Sorry I'm rambling, I'm very new to actually using Houdini.. I'll stop here.