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  1. python2.7libs folder overwrite

    Houdini can't overwrite my customized "soptoolutils.py" script under my document /python2.7libs folder, but I can load my own module under python2.7libs folder
  2. It's possible to active radial menu using SHIFT + RMB in the viewport like Maya?
  3. How to set list mode order to 'Tree' by default , ‘save to Desktop' not working ,can't find any python API either.
  4. How to use python to add a tag like this. I try to use asCode() to extract the code but it's doesn't work, it can rebuild all the parameters but except this one。
  5. C4D-Style Effector

  6. opencl kernel DATA type question?

    OK,thank you.
  7. opencl kernel DATA type question?

    In the opencl sop ,I just can't find the right data type for the ramp parameter. who can't help me !!
  8. yeah……! it worked,thanks a lot !!
  9. yeah……! it worked,thanks a lot !!
  10. $OS need to refresh the node,so i find the way to this.
  11. I tend to use opname("..") expression to rename my group,but it seems like not working.help!!