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  1. i7 6800 or 6900k?

    Ohhh intertesting!!! me too!! but u post here when you news!
  2. i7 6800 or 6900k?

    this is the probelm!! 0 reference about Ryzen..and 64gb only but if it's good why no? idk..with i7 ever i can upgrade 128gb..the PC is new..so..need all!
  3. i7 6800 or 6900k?

    This, So much difference between these two? Will you notice those two cores for almost 400eu more? thx!
  4. Starting in Houdini

    On May I begin the course of Saber, Introduction to FX using Houdini. I have moved by Houdini previously so I understand the User Interface and the procedural system. I would like to know as advice if you recommend me try to start learning some facet before the course or do nothing and start with the course? Well I have 1 month where I do not know what to do! Hahaha Regards!
  5. PC build for 3000€

    Hello everyone! I join this post because I'm also looking at a new PC for simulations and render with Houdini. And it also creates the doubt that it is better to simulate above all. I had in mind this PC: Dell Precision T5610 Workstation with CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 (10 core) RAM memory: 128 GB Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB SSD: 256 GB SATA 2,5" HDD: 2 TB SATA 3,5" as you see?? Better than an i7?? Above all thinking about simulation and rendering. Although every time we go more to GPU rendering what interests me above all is that it is fluid in creating caches, simulations, etc. Regards!