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  1. Hi, Im using colour as an attributes to change parameters of a noise inside a volumevop. I can use the 3 RGB values to give different effects to the noise but i would like to use another colour map with its 3 values to change the same noise. The problem really comes down to how I can create new attributes from Cd and get more colours to work with. I have used Bind and Bind export and the Cd variable but I cant get it to work with a new attribute using create attribute. Im new to Houdini so any tips would be helpful. Thank you colour attribute.hipnc
  2. Noise Control using Colour

    Hi, I am trying to control the frequency of noise using a colour attribute. I have managed to do this on a grid but I cant figure out how to do the same using a volumevop. My goal is to be able to control the amount of detail/scale in specific areas of the model. Im not sure if this is the right way do to this but the example image shows that effect I'm trying to achieve. Thanks Noise control.hipnc