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  1. I have a classic shader with a noise displacement texture that's oriented correctly like this: But when I add another noise texture to the refraction roughness parameter (regardless of whether refract is enabled in the classic shader), It looks like this: As if it's not taking the rest position node added in the SOP level into account. Why is this happening and how can I fix it? Is it a bug? Here is the scene file: crystalsTests.hipnc
  2. Help rotating a noise texture

    Solved. I discovered the Rest Sop and used it to make the texture stick to the object.
  3. I have a turbulent noise texture with a high frequency in the y-direction so as to create horizontal narrow bands. However, I'd like to rotate these bands so that they match the orientation of the objects they're on based on. The orientation of the objects is stored in a point attribute which is the normal of the point each object was copied on to. Any advice on how to accomplish this would be appreciated, thanks.