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  1. Get length of curve during loop iteration

    Brilliant! Thank you @Noobini.
  2. Get length of curve during loop iteration

    Thank you, @Noobini That was exactly the issue, which I realized after posting it. Sometimes you don't see the the forest for the trees. Out of curiosity though...is it possible to call that information should it be required? Is there a VEX snippet (or an expression) that will allow to call info? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I made a picket fence generator. I'm trying to create dynamic rails that will stretch from post to post based on a control curve. The length of the curve segment are in one loop, but I can't seem to get it to iterate properly. It only captures the last iteration and applies it to all. I'm using arclen for it. I've tried using details, but I'm definitely missing on how to integrate the two. I'm attaching the file, and a screenshot. Thanks for the help. curveLengthProblem.hipnc