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  1. Flickering colours in slow Coloured Smoke

    Hi all! Has anyone have a solution for this? I'm stuck with the same problem; when I try to up-res my smoke sim via shelf, I'm loosing the color and I can't find a way to bring it back.. :\
  2. If I understand correctly what you're asking, I would put a delete sop after your object merge inside your instance object. Put the group of points you want to instance on and select "Delete non-selected". Surface Advect Final_v02.hiplc
  3. convert the shop_materialpath to group

    You can fill in a base group in a group sop using vex: @shop_materialpath="/mat/_Kitbash3d_StreetsSideMetalDark" convert_shop_mat_to_group.hip
  4. Vellum - animated Pin to Target?

    I know it's been a while but I ended up finding a solution through an older odforce post from vtrvtr. Basically you want to set a group of points in a "Pin to target" constraint and animate the breakthreshold attribute in sop. In order to transfer the attribute from sop to your ConstraintGeometry in dop, you need to plug a sop solver in your vellum solver. You will need to check "Invoke Compiled Block" on your sop solver node and add an extra output for the ConstraintGeometry. Inside the sop solver, you'll need to copy the breakthreshold attribute from sop to the ConstraintGeometry. Maybe there's another way, but it's the only way that worked for me so far! Thanks Vitor! fur_vellum_playblast_v01.mp4 test_fur_vellum_v04.hip
  5. Vellum - animated Pin to Target?

    Thanks for your help Ernest, really appreciate it! I tried what you said and it seems like I'm still not getting it. No matter which attribute I'm animating in SOP, it's not updated over time in Vellum. I updated my scene applying your advice. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks a lot! test_fur_vellum_v02.hip
  6. Vellum - animated Pin to Target?

    Hi Ben, I'm having the same issue here. Were you able to find a solution? I also want to update the constrained points over time but it seems like it's not working with the "Pin to target" constraint type. I've attached a very simple scene.. Basically I'm just trying to transfer an attribute from an sphere in order to detach strings over time. Any help much appreciated! Thanks! test_fur_vellum_v01.hip
  7. If it can help anyone, I finally ended up switching strategy. Instead of using a popcurveforce, I went back to my first thought of animating a sphere along a spline and use it as a goal object in a popattract. In order to fix my issue with the z orientation, I kind of overrode the particles orientation with the lookat() function so each particle is now aiming at their goal without disturbing their local z-axis.. Here is what I've put in my popwrangle: matrix3 m = lookat(v@force, {0,0,0}); p@orient = quaternion(m); I have attached a quicktime if you want to have a look. Cheers! fish_school_v01.mp4
  8. Hi everyone, I'm trying to do a school of fish with a particle system that would follow a curve. Basically I'm emitting some particles and they move along a curve with a popcurveforce. By default the particles orientation seem to go along with the curve but since I'm trying to do a school of fish, I would like my particles Z orientation to always be 0 so the fishes don't swim on the back. So far I've tried with this expression in a popwrangle : p@orient.z = 0; The thing is it seems to zero out the orientation of x and y as well.. And I still want the x and y to go along with the curve. I'v tried with a popattract instead of a popcurveforce and I'm still not able to constraint the Z orient.. Maybe it has to do with something else than the @orient attribute since I don't see it in my geometry spreadsheet..? There's something I don't get! (Needless to say that I'm new in Houdini :P) Thanks a lot! test_fish_school.hiplc