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  1. How to get a callback event on cook?

    That will be a lot coding just using Python.... So its no way to add a special "OnCook" event type to callback for it? I was able to achieved similar callback by using hou.Node.addParmCallback() to test parameter change with the expression "nprim()" or "npoint()" inside the HDA output node, it actually working great even the number of the primitives from input not change as long as the upstream is cooked.
  2. How to get a callback event on cook?

    I been coding the callback event in a HDA with Python, the goal is to call every time the node is cooked(after the cook); But it seem not such event type in hou.nodeEventType and hou.hdaEventType. I was write the hou.Node.addEventCallback() in OnCreate event handler section to setup different event type callback. Is there any way to write a callback in HDA for something like "OnCook" event?
  3. Are you want to get rid off this dark refraction artifact? Refraction shadow also affect the refraction, you may wanna turn on the Faux Caustics in Classic Shader to make transparent shadow after light through the refraction.