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  1. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/dyno/keyframe "When the object is inactive (Active = 0), keyframe the RBD Keyframe Active node’s Position and Rotation parameters to move and rotate the object manually, not the object-level transforms." REFERENCE IS KING!
  2. Is it possible to calculate rest field on an already simulated pyro? Because simulation took around 5 days and I don't have the luxury to do it again. I forget to turn on the rest fields in the pyro solver. Is there a work around for calculating it?
  3. I have this problem where I need the goal axis to point along the surface (like based on its normal) The thing is the default goal axis only works in one direction which is fine for object with flat surfaces but mine has curved surface like Wooden barrels. Is there a work around for this?