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  1. Non-overlapping Copies

    I know this is an old post, but I wanted to thank Symek. I updated the code to be used in a vex wrangle, in case this helps anyone. vector tmpdist; vector min; vector max; getbbox(min, max); float dist = distance(min, max); int handle = pcopen(geoself(), "P", @P, 1, chi("max_pts")); while (pciterate(handle)){ vector pos; pcimport(handle, "P", pos); if (@P != pos) { pcimport(handle, "point.distance", f@distance); } } f@pscale = f@distance / 2;
  2. Learning H13 new pop network

    Thanks for the tutorial, Rohan. There can never be too many tutorials!
  3. Good points by Peter! Integration - shows that you can deliver your element, well lit, and well-suited for compositing. Destruction - simple voronoi looks obvious. Layer complexity. I also think it comes down to what you like to do and excel at, as others have said. Put your strongest foot forward.
  4. I think your best bet is to narrow your scope and focus on two or three effects that you're best at, rather than trying to do every element known to man. If I were to pick the top three, I'd say: Smoke / Fire Particle Effects Destruction
  5. Metallic Car Paint shader in Houdini

    Thank you for this cool tutorial.
  6. AttribWrangle vs. PointWrangle

    I agree that this is confusing and that the docs don't help clarify the issue anymore. Thanks Tom, for that explanation.
  7. Peter Claes Showreel 2014

    So you're the guy! Some of my favorite work on that real. Especially the procedural thern and Thor stuff (whatever you call it). Thanks for sharing.
  8. Pyro Artifacts

    I've seen this too! Are you setting wind on the smoke object?
  9. RGB lighting for explosions

    You can use the little-known 'all_volume' deep raster and set it to export per light. Your compositor will now have each light separated, using scene lighting vs rgb lighting! You don't want to use rgb for fire/smoke renders, especially if you are scattering the fire lighting into the smoke.
  10. Does anyone know how to fix them overlapping polys that we still have left over? I'd like to 'relax' those overlapping polys, similar to uv relax.
  11. Oops! Hang on... Uploaded an older .hip file... Here's the updated, good .hip file. SOP_EdgeDisp_Curved_v08.hipnc
  12. Okay Fellas. I'm throwing my hat in the ring, here. I've made a few additions to Pavel's file. I hope you all find them useful! I am more interested in the displacement of geometry than the displacement at the shader level for the following reasons. If you are not in a Mantra pipeline, it's easier to pass along the displaced geometry to another renderer. You can add another level of displacement to the newly-shaped, cracked geometry. If you want accurate collisions, you'll want these large scale cracks in the geometry. So, I added the following features (all of which can be vastly improved and optimized). Created a group out of the edge points and edge prims. Used those edge groups to cusp the vertex normals of only the edges. In many shaders, you'll want water-tight geometry. Faceting can cause faces to explode outwards when displacing along normal at render time. This gives you crisp edges, while keeping the rest of the curved surfaces smooth. See the .gif attached. Used those edge groups to create an edgeDisp attribute with a falloff (the blend of the attribute can be done better). I used this attribute in the existing wrangle SOP to limit the crack-displacement closer to the edges. Why? Because this preserves the integrity of the geometry a little better. Without it, there tends to be more overlapping polygons on the surfaces further from the edges. See the .gif attached. I'm also attaching the .hip file. I colored the changes I made in red. Click on the .gifs below to better understand what I'm talkin' bout. .hip file on it's way!!! SOP_EdgeDisp_Curved_v07.hipnc
  13. Pavel. You are amazing, sir. This is really useful stuff!! Thank you!
  14. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    Why wouldn't anyone want the following? Seems these are standard everyday things that are amiss. Ability to rotate pyro domain. Why are we bound to axis-aligned domains? I know, I know... Object Position, Copy Data, bla, bla, blah. But why it gotta be so hard? Camera frustum caching. Built in edge noise for voronoi. Seem some really cool stuff going on here in the forums. Easier way to import geometry from DOPs. The syntax is hairy. Admit it everyone!
  15. Hi Pavel: This looks really promising. Can I see it on a bunny or a teapot? Really looknig forward to digging in to your techniques.