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  1. Np, this thread if you scroll down a bit has links to others and is very informative. Haven't actually tried the solutions yet but ppl on there had it working- https://forums.odforce.net/topic/46247-using-point-deform/?tab=comments#comment-216524
  2. Thanks, appreciate your time. However I'm trying to convert multiple objects that emit over time. I actually found a couple threads related to the issue on here after posting. Thanks again!
  3. Ok so I'm trying to do this thing where I've got 3 objects that I want to copy to points (random distribution) then fall to the ground, then respawn on the points every 24th frame (Vellum Source), fall on top of the old ones, repeat. Pretty standard stuff and it's working fine but the issue is I'm simming with lo-res geo, and I need to convert it back to hi-res. How can I do this?
  4. Trying To Understand Sweep and Vertices

    Amazing guys. Thank you. I'm going to use that node all the time!!
  5. Bevel but Keep Original

    Figured it out. Inset extrude. Duh.
  6. Bevel but Keep Original

    Hi I'm trying to do something sort of odd basically i want this rounded shape but also keep the hard edge, I'm copying this shape radially and then fusing so all edges need to line up so i can create a solid object. Thanks!
  7. Trying To Understand Sweep and Vertices

    Haha yes- very dirty way to do it. Actually this has helped me to figure out what the problem was when I created the shape. And I was not aware of the Join SOP, so that's great. Thank you!
  8. Trying To Understand Sweep and Vertices

    Ok awesome that got me one step of the way, was able to use an add node to get it down to a single primitive but now now my point numbers are off, is there a simple way to flip two of them (2 and 3)
  9. When I sweep along a curve which was built by taking a grid and running a carve on it, my sweep looks like this- However my I try to do it on a curve that was created by taking a line, and then copying to smaller lines on the ends and fusing, it looks like this- As you can see the corners are messed up. I assume this has something to do with vertices as the first example contains only 4 vertices and the 2nd has 6. I'm just wondering specifically what the issue is here and of course how I can fix it
  10. UV on FLIP using Rest

    I know this question has been asked on here a few times but I still cannot seem to get a straight answer. I watched the 16.5 FLIP masterclass on how to use the dual rest solver but the thing is Jeff Wagner never actually got it working. If you open his scene files and disable/enable the VOP node you can see he actually didn't do anything- it's the same UV result either way coming from the UV Quickshade. Then I tried to read up on the Dual Rest and Dual Rest Solver nodes, to which there is essentially no explanation in the Houdini help. And while I understand the concept of the Rest SOP measuring the distance between initial positions and deformed positions on points, I still don't understand how to translate that into UV space. So I want to just put this to bed by asking a straightforward question and hopefully receiving a straight answer! (Please no links to other threads I literally have been down a rabbit hole on this several times with no good answers). I want to take the rubber toy test geometry, add it to flip with simple fluid source and FLIP object, use gravity to smash it against a floor plane. Outputting dual rest attributes from the flip solver. In this scenario, how can I- a - take the initial UVs from the geometry and have them deform with the sim b - take the dual rest attribs and use those to UV on my own with a procedural texture
  11. Hi, brand spankin' new to COPS, can anyone tell me how I could quickly generate a simple gradient ramp? I know how to get the COP onto my texture, just not sure how to generate the actual gradient. Thanks!
  12. Set Initial State For Vellum Hair?

    Vellum drape worked perfectly here- nice and simple solution. Thanks!
  13. Helloooo just trying to make it so my hair doesn't have to fall into place every time i start the sim. Thanks!
  14. Tried to open this today and now it magically crashes every time Teeth_Leak_5.hiplc