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  1. Thanks Geoff! This actually was an issue with the Path attribute having 2 hand paths, I deleted the attribute and it all worked fine. I actually don't remember what version of the file I posted here as this was a while back, but I did eventually resolve the issue. Thanks again
  2. I've merged 2 skeletons together but I must have missed something because when I import to C4D the hands are in the complete wrong place in world space. Thought if I edited the path attribute it would fix the hierarchy, but it did not. Works fine in Houdini. What am I missing? RigTemp.zip
  3. Hi there, I'm merging two FBX skeletons together and I'm wondering what the best way is to unify their vastly different "Name" and "Path" attributes so I can export to other packages painlessly. Thank you
  4. I mean I kinda love how you think geometry wrangles inside dops and manipulating attribute classes is more standard than simple attribute painting, haha! That is the most TD thing ever. This is what makes this forum great. Thanks again
  5. Also that video doesn't give the solution for animation at all, just like I thought, so double thanks for the hip
  6. Oh god I skipped right to the 2nd one because I'm making a balloon. My bad. Thanks for sending that hip, perfect
  7. I have, thanks. Is there a specific one you're referring to? I need to dynamically change the values based on changing point values
  8. Hi I'd love to be able to dynamically update my vellum properties based on point attributes. Like if I have a noise value (say Cd) running across a line of points over time, is it possible to have this value influence, for instance, the rest scale of geo that is copied onto each point? My first thought is the SOP Solver but I don't understand how it works well enough to implement the idea. Hoping someone can help me out, thank you!
  9. Ahhhh vector1 got it got it, never would think to use that. I actually am considering doing some computer science classes in the fall to learn algorithmic/systemic principles. Could I ask the names of those books? Maybe they can save me some $$$ on school. I do watch Junichiro also but I feel like I need more info into what he talks about, also the videos are very long. Thanks for your time and I really appreciate the breakdown, that does clarify it for me, and makes perfect sense.
  10. Hi thanks for your reply! Yeah my random vector was just for testing purposes. I am curious about your "randToAdd" variable though- I understand the intention but what is the vector() function? I can't find it in the documentation. And why run a set() on the y and z? Overall though this really helps me understand the code better, thank you again. Curious as to how you would approach it? I'm trying to learn more Vex functions and also more of "how to think like a programmer" so any advice is very welcome
  11. Hi I wonder if someone can explain why the following code won't work? Basically just trying to take an emitted particle and reposition it if it overlaps with existing geo. The code runs fine but doesn't reposition the point at all, wondering why. Thanks! v@ptemp = @P; int npts[] = nearpoints(1, @ptemp, @pscale); int lent = len(npts); float seed = 1; while(lent){ @Cd = {1, 0, 0}; @ptemp = set(random(seed), random(seed+1), random(seed+2)); seed++; } @P = @ptemp;
  12. Hi new to kinefx and mocap, can't get my character to go for some reason- the arms get all crossed up. Would love some help with this. I want to bind/retarget the character to the t-pose in the first frame of the animation but then loop through the rest of the anim without that frame- can't figure out what my node setup should look like for that. File attached, thanks so much Retarg_Help.zip
  13. Hi I'm wondering how I would simulate large bubbles as they're forming or "being blown" I guess I'm mostly asking high level is it possible to create this geometry on the fly and also continuously add new constraints to it until it's fully formed, and then flies off on its own to interact with the world. Thanks
  14. Amazing. SOP Solver seems extremely useful, going to try to learn more about it. Thanks again!
  15. So, following up on this because I can't see much info online about this subject. So let's say I wanted each piece to have it's own "@maxRestScale" and once that value is achieved it stops incrementing. I've got the attributes assigned to the constraints just fine, but how can I pass them into DOPs to be used to affect the rest scale?
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