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  1. Super cool. Never would have thought of that. Need to learn more about CHOPs seems like they can be really helpful/interesting
  2. Very cool very cool. I think I can learn a lot from this file, thank you! I just have a couple questions for clarity- 1) The assemble node is taking the broken up geometry and creating packed primitives from it, correct? Essentially splitting all of the unconnected geometry into individual parts? 2) The blast nodes then isolate the geometry into 2 streams 3) Unpack makes the geo editable again 4) Convert from packed to.. polys? Is this standard workflow when working with PP's? 5) The Boole I get, that's a really good idea 6) And then... the CHOP Net. I'm not really understanding the purpose of this. So is creating packed primitives the best way to approach this type of geometry? I'm fairly new to Houdini and I've been spending most of my time learning about the "cool stuff" like liquids. particles. etc. but now is time to get into the nuts and bolts of best practices so I can use it comfortably in production and solve these type of technical problems. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me understand. Again, thanks so much.
  3. Ugh sorry my bad. OBJ attached! Scissors.obj
  4. I got the remesh working correctly but the intersecting geometry still freaks out
  5. Sorry for the delay, got pulled onto other things. Hip attached- Scissors Test Balloon Fail.hiplc
  6. Just wondering if there are any general tips/best practices here. Running sims on some very small/thin geo and getting a lot of artifacts/broken sims. Any advice is much appreciated
  7. I'm struggling to find a good way to sim imported OBJ's that have pieces overlapping (right now I'm using a model of scissors where the blade geometry intersects the handles, hidden from view so it looks good on the surface). My first thought was to just convert to a VDB volume and back again but then I get polygonal geo and running a remesh on that is useless because the resolution is too high. So maybe there's a good node that can lower a mesh resolution and convert it to triangles? I also tried the Weld constraint but that didn't seem to help either. But it's very possible I'm not doing it correctly. Thanks!
  8. You know what I actually noticed when I imported the ABC into C4D R20 that there was a polygon selection for each section of the extrude including the side, so that worked out. The 2nd image was just an error in my Normal node (cusp angle was off). Thanks so much for your help!
  9. I do! The first image- the pattern showing up on the extrusion portion itself or the edge. The 2nd image the weird artifacting around the edges where it extrudes-
  10. Fairly new to Houdini and I feel like there must be a trick to this- how to get accurate UV's from Vellum's Post Process node for export into an Alembic. I create my UV's at the top of the Vellum chain before sim- let's say it's a grid object. The last step in the Vellum process is obviously the Post Process node where you can subdivide and extrude the object. This screws up the initial UVs as now there is way more geometry. Applying a UV texture after this doesn't work as it recalculates every frame. How can I make this work correctly?
  11. Yes this sent me on the right path, thanks! I was trying to do it in the SOP but the constraint DOP actually allows you to calculate constraints on every frame which did the trick for me. Not sure how yours works actually without selecting that option but uh... good for you I guess, haha. Also it's not necessary to change the group to Points for me :/
  12. Hello, I'm relatively new to Houdini. Just playing around with Vellum, which is amazing, and can't quite figure out how to get an object to stick to another. In the demo video you see the rubber toy stick to a spider web- this is the basic gist of what I'm trying to do. Is it the Glue constraint I should be using? Any help much appreciated!
  13. FEM Tentacle

    Hello, I am new to Houdini and really at this point still very much just trying to figure out how to think in terms of Houdini so this question is going to be very broad. Basically just experimenting with FEM and have lots of questions about it! I have this shape (attached) and I would like to have it sort of flop around on the floor with its' little "arms" animating and pushing it around (just random motion for now don't need anything too complicated) I'm just wondering how I might set that up? Should I rig the element and animate the bones? Should I use a wire setup? How hard is it to integrate wire dynamics with FEM? Thanks!