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  1. Hi guys, I simulated fumefx vdb with velocity channel in 3DSmax fumefx and i used maya arnold volume to import VDB. How do i render the the motion vector for the VDB ? i tried motion vector VDB and it doesn't work. any help would be great. thanks
  2. In the aivolume attribute. replace your vdb file name from 0000 or 0001.vdb to ####.vdb and set as per frame attribute. example vdbABC.frame= frame;
  3. FumeFX VDB motion vector to maya

    thanks i got it working by using volumefloatrgb and export the xyz channel as rgb
  4. FumeFX VDB motion vector to maya

    Hey million's Thanks for the reply, i got my fumefx to export velocity as VelocitiesX VelocitiesY VelocitiesZ channel. but i am not sure how do i do the connection in maya.
  5. hi , i have a question regarding the ocean spectrum tools i used layered spectrum to achieve infinite oceans but i find out theres a seam no matter how i tweak the setting. is there any fix or i missed out any setting for this ?
  6. FumeFX 5.0 Questions

    Hi guys, i got a new workstation and work and it has intel xeon gold 5118 cpu x2 ( 24 core 48 thread) and a Quadro P4000 . and i also got the new fumefx 5.0. i find out that the fumefx simulation and preview speed really slow. does anyone also encounter this problem or its only me ?
  7. Hi guys, picture 1 is where i prefractured some model and using bullet rigid solver to simulate. then export as bgeo and then convert to poylgon and using alembic rop to export as alembic. any idea why my model has some hole on it whenever i bring it in maya ?
  8. decreasing voxel size do help. but the wireframe of the mesh still changing. is there anyway to stop it from changing ?
  9. Hi guys, first time posting here. Recently started using houdini and following some tutorial. i did some freezing effects by instancing particle with some model and then use vdbfrompolygon node to kinda merge the polygon. then convert them back to polygon again. the problem is. when i convert them to vdb. my mesh looks jittering due to the constantly changing of poly on the vdb. Anyone know is there any option or node i need to add or adjust ? thanks!