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  1. fluid object mesh

    SOLVED!!! I did wrote the dop mask wrong...the correct is `dopobjscreatedby("/obj/AutoDopNetwork/fluid")` GHGHGHGHG
  2. fluid object mesh

    Hi everybody, i have a little problem, i'm setting up a fluid simulation using the fluid solver, i have to export the simulated geo, but using the dop import i can only visualize the emitter and the collsion geo and not the fluid mesh, any idea? Thanks alot! C.
  3. Pop rotation connected to accelleration

    Found this thread on the forum
  4. Hello forum! I have a basic question, how do i set particles rotation to be linked to accelleration?i can't find the rotation node, did they move it?(http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/pop/rotation.html) Thanks alot! C.
  5. Dirt geo erosion

    Solved with noise on points to create groups, than animated the noise attribute to make it grow.
  6. Dirt geo erosion

    Hi everybody, i'm looking for a way to erode a dirt geo on a cloth, i have try with the solver making grow an attribute used to delete points, and thand convert the remaining points to vdb and than to geo. It works with a still geo, but if i use a cached one it uses only the first frame.There is some other method to make the erosion grow instead the solver?there is any workaround for this problem? Thaks alot!! C.
  7. Filaments behaviour

    Hello forum! I have a little question: how to avoid filaments to stop, or to let them stop later? i can't figure out how to make them conserve the motion without affect the emission speed.There are not many settings on the sourceFilaments node. Btw is something is possible to see also in the example scene about filaments in the docs. Cheers, Carlo
  8. Smoke attracted in a sphere

    Thanks alot! Opening the scene to give a look!
  9. Smoke attracted in a sphere

    Hi everybody, i'm tryng to acheive an effect where a volume dissolves in smoke and than the smoke is attracted in a sphere, possibly colliding with it...i'm at a good point, i have the volume dissolving and tested two methods for the attraction, but is not exactly as good as it should be. Method one is to create a field force with the sphere and give it negative value, this is good, but no collisions and also no control over the final shape. Method two is simply using the attract fluid, but in this case i can't shape the smoke around the sphere, only make the smoke move in the sphere direction, like an aim. There is any solution wich can give some control over the final shape and the attraction speed? Thanks alot Carlo
  10. Fire stripe on sea

    You are a king! Thanks alot!
  11. Fire stripe on sea

    Hi everybody, i need a little hint on how set up a fire simulation.I have to create a fire stripe traveling on the sea. What i need is to create a fire stripe with faded head and tail, something like the picture attached, but the shot will be from the top. Since i will leave the stripe still in place and move the plate behind it i will animate the stripe to give some snake like movement, or dragon like..i prefer:-) Here the question...how can i drive the fuel with a ramp? Volume vop? Thanks alot! Carlo
  12. Flower growth

    Thanks alot!!Exactly what i was searching for!!! I will give a look to the file tomorrow !!! H.
  13. Flower growth

    Hi everybody! I'm tryng to animate a bunch of flowers and their stems.This will be part of a ivy-like growing system...i will also post something about that.At the moment i have a single flower following the growing stem, but i have problems orienting the flower along the last segments normal, and also i'm wondering how to duplicate it but having some difference in the curl noise wich distort the stem, and also some offset in the animation. I did already seen some example on how offset the animation on the instances but sincerely i did not understand it well...how the frame in the timeshift node is connected with the copyStamp variable?can someone explain that to me? Thanks alot! FLOWER.hip
  14. How to Copy Multiple OBJ to ID

    Hi jingaa! Do you think this method could work to replace a group of collision objects with their hi res version? Cheers, C.
  15. emit particles from pyro sim

    You may do something like advect the particles from the fluid and then give them incandescence and alpha only when the fluid reach the value transferring them the attribute you whant to use...is more like it would happen in reality... Hope make sense... H.