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  1. Rbd subfracturing

    Hi everybody, i'm tryng to subfracture some rbd pieces created with the rbdMaterialFracture node. Like the big chunks in this video. How can i create constraint between the subfractured fragments?I think i'm missing something about the new rbd set of tools... Thanks alot, Carlo -EDIT- I FINALLY SWITCHED TO CLASSIC RBD INSIDE DOP NETWORK..OLD SCHOOL METHOD LOOKS LIKE WORKING......ANY SUGGESTION ABOUT RECURSIVE FRACTURING WITH THE NEW RBD SET?
  2. Whitewater artifacts

    Hi everybody, i'm facing some weird artifacts in whitewater when increasing guided ocean particle separation to 0.01, if i use 0.02 everything works as expected. I did also try to play with whitewater resolution but no change in that artifact.
  3. Powder splash

    Yeah!it works just perfectly!!:-)))))
  4. Powder splash

    Hey Librarian, yes exactly! i think going to use pop fluid instead of flips for this one.With point replaicate to add density...let's see:-) C.
  5. Powder splash

    Hello forum! I need to create a powder splash, so the powder behave like water creating a crown. I did try a straightorward approach just converting flip particles, the look is ok but the "id" of every point change in time so the random pscale make the scale of each point change each frame. I also created extra powder emitting from fastest point some more particles. Can anybody suggest me a workaround for random pscale and maybe a more elegant overall approach to this? Thanks alot! Carlo
  6. Polygon from vdb topology problem

    Sorry my bad..didn't thank you!! Ill do it now!! Thanks alot for the tip!!
  7. Hi everybody! I'm facing issues when meshing a vdb, i have a dirt blotch on a cloth, the cloth is moving, the blotch is obtained converting a point cloud to mesh, of course the blotch while moving is changing topology,and..my bad...is flickering in time.. There is a way to freexe the topology at frame one..or some work around to make the blotch more stable? Thanks alot! Carlo
  8. fluid object mesh

    SOLVED!!! I did wrote the dop mask wrong...the correct is `dopobjscreatedby("/obj/AutoDopNetwork/fluid")` GHGHGHGHG
  9. fluid object mesh

    Hi everybody, i have a little problem, i'm setting up a fluid simulation using the fluid solver, i have to export the simulated geo, but using the dop import i can only visualize the emitter and the collsion geo and not the fluid mesh, any idea? Thanks alot! C.
  10. Pop rotation connected to accelleration

    Found this thread on the forum
  11. Hello forum! I have a basic question, how do i set particles rotation to be linked to accelleration?i can't find the rotation node, did they move it?(http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/pop/rotation.html) Thanks alot! C.
  12. Dirt geo erosion

    Solved with noise on points to create groups, than animated the noise attribute to make it grow.
  13. Dirt geo erosion

    Hi everybody, i'm looking for a way to erode a dirt geo on a cloth, i have try with the solver making grow an attribute used to delete points, and thand convert the remaining points to vdb and than to geo. It works with a still geo, but if i use a cached one it uses only the first frame.There is some other method to make the erosion grow instead the solver?there is any workaround for this problem? Thaks alot!! C.
  14. Filaments behaviour

    Hello forum! I have a little question: how to avoid filaments to stop, or to let them stop later? i can't figure out how to make them conserve the motion without affect the emission speed.There are not many settings on the sourceFilaments node. Btw is something is possible to see also in the example scene about filaments in the docs. Cheers, Carlo
  15. Smoke attracted in a sphere

    Thanks alot! Opening the scene to give a look!