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  1. Flip vortex in a wc

    Hello! I need to do a fluid vortex inside a wc, i was wondering wich approach you would suggest. I was thinking to a mix of curve force and attraction field from the wc mesh, but maybe there is some more interesting way. Thanks! H.
  2. Flip rain

    Thanks alot Funny! Going to check the file! H.
  3. A question about geometrical procedural deformation.

    Hey, maybe doing the same but inside a solver could make it easier, so you can get the previous frame and use it as reference for heigth. When i have time i try to make a test. Hope this help. Carlo
  4. Flip rain

    Hello everyone! I'm doing a rain set up,i was exploring the flip way.Can somenone check the scene attached and tell me if is super slow and maybe why?there are really just few particles but it is slower than calculating a big water splash with milions of points...for sure i miss something:-) Thanks alot! C. FLIP_RAIN.hip
  5. Robust solution for RBD Fracture???

    Hello, usually when this happend to me it means problems in mesh i created.Maybe you have some double points there or some points not merged.Try to use a fuse node before the fracture. C.
  6. Animated object and rdb rigid body - water simulation

    Hello, try this method(http://ikatnek.blogspot.com/p/make-objects-float.html),and if you have keyframe animated object switch to rbd a few frame before the impact with water(maybe there is a better solution). C.
  7. Particles floating around force field

    Hello, here a scene using the proximity to drive attraction/repulsion, btw is not a good result, i got some jittering in the movement of the particles, and also some points quit the animation group and stand still, can't figure out why. Not implemented the minpos to follow animated mesh cos i'm searching the basic look, wich is more fluid and natural of course:-) Thanks alot to anybody could give a look to the scene. C. RAIN_SHIELD_odforce.hip
  8. Particles floating around force field

    Thanks Atom! Yes it could be really usefull!! But i can't menage to use it in this situation. Thinking to the single rain drop, it should fall as usual than slow down in proximity of a mesh, and than starting to floating around the impact point like it was pinned but with low stiffness. Theorically i would detect proximity, than remove from gravity group and add drag. Than i could maybe using something like minpos. But not really sure, going to try and share a .hip. C.
  9. Particles floating around force field

    Hi everybody! i'm stuck in an apparently easy task, i need some rain particles to be floating around a force field. As if they where trapped to stay at a certain distance from a moving surface. With pop attract or vex i can do it point to point but in this case the point number is changing. A little hint on how approach this situation would be great! Thank you so much! C.
  10. Subfragments constraints

    Yessss!That is the result! As usual is the name attribute making me go crazy!I should have bet on it!;-) Thanks alot! C.
  11. Subfragments constraints

    Hello! Can anybody give a look into the scene attached? I'm failing setting hard constraints between subfragments. Looks like the solver (bullet sop version)completely ignore them..maybe is just because is too late and my brain disconnected:-) Thakns alot!!! Carlo SEC_FRAGMENTS_CONSTRAINTS.hip
  12. Subsequently animating boxes to target position

    Found a solution with popSteerSeek. Here is the scene, maybe it can be usefull to someone. C. fragmets_to original_P.hip
  13. Get normal from viewport pick

    Thanks alot!
  14. Hello! Can anybody give me a hint;-) I need to animate some fragments from a point in the space to their original position. I would like to animate them one after other so the shape starts to form from the bottom. I can't menage the animation per fragment, like setting random start frame for each one based on id. Thanks alot! Carlo
  15. (SOLVED)New RBD switch low res to hi res

    Ty Ultraman! Yes i wasn't passing the name attribute after rbd sim. Finally i got it working using the transform pieces, plugging as template points the last output from rbd solver(the sop version), instead the simulated geo. thanks alot!