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  1. how get attributes name?

    it's all i want.THANK YOU Jiri!Cheers!
  2. how get attributes name?

    Hi odforce, i have a small problem,its confused me a few days.how can i get the attributes name use vex or python(vex is better,because im not familiar with python)? for example,i have a geometry with some point attirbutes like "v" "Cd" "mass" "aaa",and prim attributes like "prima" "primb".if i want create a new string attribute and store all the attributes,how do i achieve that?
  3. Need some help about vex or Hscript.

    wow!!!it worked!!!!F1 thank you so much!!!it bother me long time.
  4. Need some help about vex or Hscript.

    hi,jon3de.thanks for your replay. yes,i know use "$HIPNAME.$F4.bgeo" its a good idea for auto-update.but sometimes i need custom my filename like pyro_big_location_v002.$F4.bgeo.so i cant only use $HIPNAME Variable.my idea is find the Version info from $HIPNAME,and give to my cache filename. pyro_big_auto-update_test_v001.hipnc here is my setting,in ROP Network i create a geometry node and add some parameters.but when i update my version to v002,i want the Version parameter auto-update to v002,follow the File Version.do you have any idea? and,thanks for remind me the
  5. hi everyone.wish you have a nice day. i need some help about scripting.but my English skill is not well.sorry for that. i have a hip named "test_hipfile_v001.hip".in this hip file i have a geometry ROP node that i want cache something like pyro,particles.and i want the cache named like "cache_pyro_v001.bgeo",the important thing is the cache version equal file version. here is the function i want achieve: when my hipfile update version to v002,i want the cache version auto-update to v002. i know $HIPNAME can fetch the file name ,but i don't know how to fetch the version info from $HIPNAME and transfor to .oh,i forgot another thing is i want code only in the Geometry ROP Node,because i achieve this function in SOP use Attribute Wrangle SOP Node,and transform the version info to ROP Node,but i think this too messy. can you gays give me some advise?thanks.
  6. Need some advice about cloudfx

    thank for your advice
  7. Need some advice about cloudfx

    thank for your time
  8. Need some advice about cloudfx

    thanks for your time,haggi. this is i want create cloud shape ,and my cloud file.i want cloud shape have more detail. this time i use the cloud noise node,but i know the node use turbulence noise,i use turbulence noise and aa noise to simulate the cloud noise,but not have a good look.what noise do you use to simulate could?thanks cloud_.hipnc
  9. Need some advice about cloudfx

    Hi everyone,i'm a new gay about houdini.english is not my first language,and my english skill is not well ,sorry about that. i want make some realistic clouds.i use the cloud rig shelf tool,but i think it not what i want. i have a few questions about how to make realistic clouds. Q1: The shape of clouds.if i want make cloud like a cat,should i use a cat geometry as source? Q2:the noise about clouds.i try use turbulence noise or curl noise make the cloud have a better look,but i didn't find a good noise to simulate cloud.do you have some good advice about noise?