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  1. Copy trace node and change file path

    Looking through what you did I'm seeing how you solved this by compressing time into a single frame (if I'm not mistaken). Really clever solution.
  2. Copy trace node and change file path

    Thank you so much. You made quite a lot of effort on my behalf... really greatful for that. Your example looks exactly like what I've been looking for. I'll take a look when I go back to my computer soon. I thought maybe it required using a COP network but got stuck trying to figure out how I can create a mesh from each iteration. Thanks again. \m/ \m/
  3. Hi, first time user and noob here. I'm trying to create Trace nodes dynamically using the Copy and Transform node but I want to be able to change the file path after the copy so I can iterate through a sequence of images and create a trace node for each one. So overriding the file path after creation I imagine. I've been digging through documentation but can't seem to figure out how I can do that. I assume I'm approaching this in the wrong way so any advice on which direction I should look into would be appreciated.