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  1. Flip Fluids with Color

    I'm trying to do a very similar thing, and yes that approach of coloring the emitter does work, but then it doesn't when is constantly emitting fluid.... I have absolutely no clue on how to make it work yet haha
  2. Hey guys... So what I'm trying to do here is to make the skull go through the cloud and make it look somewhat natural but I can't get the effect I want I tried it two different ways and both give me crazy advection.... (also I don't know if is just a view port thing or the light, or the sim, but the cloud also looks like id flickering) Anyway I'll attach the file and if anyone can give me some advice on how to do it better or if maybe I'm doing something the wrong way or missing anything I would really appreciate it! Thanks! movingCloud_09.hipnc
  3. Advecting Pyro with Object (Help)

    Thank you so much Peter! that was exactly what I was looking for
  4. Advecting Pyro with Object (Help)

    I tried this but I don't know why I wasn't getting any collision, so I tried the regular static object. The collision is working.. but when I add turbulence it changes the entire cloud from frame 1, I was thinking on a way to make only the skull emit turbulence it that makes sense.. so have the skull and as it goes through the volume make only those parts of the volume have turbulence instead of the entire cloud, but I'm not sure how to approach this