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  1. Hello all, first of all, i am new to Houdini and this forum. I am currently planning a more complex project. Most of it(if not anything) should be done in Houdini and it is, simply said, pretty much a set of PyroFX. In view of the rendering process, i would like to split the scene in different parts, so i can easily adjust most of it in Nuke in compositing. As an example i think about having shattered stones on the ground, levitation up at a given point in the scene. Those stones should be lit by an fire kind of orb floating around. Right to the point, my main question here is the stuff regarding the lighting information. In case i do want to render out the floating stones for themselves, will i need to have them in the same houdini scene to get the lighting information from the pyro orb? I guess it is possible to render out just the stones WITH the correct lighting from the orb but WITHOUT the orb itself? What would be the best way to do so? Because i am going to have more PyroFX all intendet to light up the scene as a whole. Do i need to set up anything in one hipfile? Or is there some kind of cool stuff i do not know about, yet? I'm afraid(almost sure^^) the scene could get too big and not to be handled anymore soon… Generally said i am asking if there is a good way to split up my scene in different stuff/models and when it comes to rendering each model for itself, i of course do want the lighting take effect for every part of the scene. That really puzzles me and i hope, someone can help me! Thank you and cheers!