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  1. And the demo file doesn't work?
  2. Are you using layer mixing in your material? Or are you just trying to write custom aovs?
  3. Split geometry to parts by proximity

    Could you just ray the target points that are on each target onto your source starting geometry and call those the starting points? Then you have the target attribute/group already on the points, and already once they are minpos'd onto the source geo, they will always be as close as they can be to that target.
  4. Split geometry to parts by proximity

    Hmmm if all you care about is distance to the target geometry, you should be able to just assign an integer attribute called like "target" or something, and use nearpoint() and point() to get the closest one. int pt_near = nearpoint(1, v@P); i@target = point(1, "target", pt_near); and do stuff to your particles from there. You could even make them into groups if you wanted string groupname = sprintf("target_%d", i@target); setpointgroup(0, groupname, i@ptnum, 1, "set"); Maybe I'm missing something? close_point_targets.hip
  5. Here's your same setup, only one line different. See inside the SOP solver. Also to see color better you should unpack. SOP Solver Problem_james2.hip
  6. Does this help? SOP Solver Problem_james.hip
  7. You asked how to create your own AOV, which is what's demonstrated in the demo scene. I use some arbitrary noise to write out to their own image planes. Did you hit render and look at the extra image planes? You don't need set/get layer export to write out aovs.
  8. sort by attribute ?

    You can skip all the sorting parts business and just do skin after the merge. You'll see it works.
  9. All you should really have to do is bind export from the shader. Render this bad boy out and let me know if that's what you're after. aovs.hip
  10. sort by attribute ?

    It usually is but it wasn't coming through on my end properly (maybe cause it was an alembic in a normal file sop? idk). Anyways, group promote your edge group to points, or just group the points from the get go and it works.
  11. sort by attribute ?

    Can you reupload with an alembic sop frozen?
  12. Measure SOP Docs might help a bit to explain the curvature stuff. I think you're after the "Mean" method. measure_curvature.hip
  13. drop node on wire

    That's what I've been doing since 17.5. Still kind of a bummer though. You're right, you don't miss it until it's gone!
  14. drop node on wire

    It definitely did used to be the normal behavior. I believe they had to dump it for the new MMB options on nodes with multiple outputs. I'd really like to see it come back. Unless someone can chime in with the name of the preference (if there is one), I think it's just gone...
  15. Hi, this effect sounds neat. I don't know if you'll have much luck with the rigid body solver in this case the way you've got it (I could be very wrong though so anybody please chime in!). Shuffling your DOP setup around and changing the density of the RBD object seems to do sort of what I think you were saying? The torus is affected by the FLIP sim, but in a rigid sort of way. Otherwise, I'd be looking for ways to transfer the motion of the flip sim to the torus in SOPs post-sim. EDIT: Also if you're getting any jittery stuff on your object you wanna smooth out, try just using a little bit of a lag or filter CHOP on P and blend it back in. It can help with some small stuff. meshtest_jamesr.hipnc