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  1. "For each" - Shift last keyframe

    If you want to get more procedural ease in/out you can use the smooth() with pow() functions easythere.hip
  2. Not able to find houdini.env?

    houdini.env should be created in the directory you mentioned when you start houdini the first time, assuming you haven't changed the $HOME environment variable. On windows you can got to start > search for "environment variables" and check out the HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR environment variable and make sure it's not getting put somewhere else.
  3. You need to give it some initial velocity in Y to your source particles. Maybe something like this would help? add_some_v.hip
  4. This is possible with python callbacks. Take a look at my example file and see if helps. change_node_colors.hip
  5. You need to promote the existing parameters that you want to change in order to see a different label on the vopnet.
  6. Colliding cached rbd geo with vellum grains

    If you just want normal collisions, you can use the Static Object DOP, tick on "Use Deforming" and "Re-evaluate from SOPs to Interpolate Geometry" and point it to your helicopter collision mesh. If you don't need super precise collisions, you'll want to polyreduce or make a shell around your geo to make your sim a bit quicker. If you're new to houdini, I'd recommend using the "Deforming Object" tool on the Collisions shelf tab.
  7. Velocity Field Attracted To Point

    Does this help? velfieldsinglepoint.hip
  8. Oh okay, I guess if it's just point positions only you're after, does this help? Check the geo spreadsheet, detail level. startsends.hip
  9. Ah okay. Since direction seems important, see if the halfedge functions are of any help. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/halfedges
  10. Hi @ClemMcFly, maybe the following example file will help you out. clemmcflyemission.hip

    Are you able to post a hip file?
  12. Hi, Here is a solution that may help you. Nodes I changed are in red. Juliabulb_copy_test2_jamesr.hipnc
  13. Wind Tunnel

    Latest production build — 17.0.459
  14. Wind Tunnel

    There's several ways to do that. Here's couple I threw together that I think you might have been talking about. Let me know if it helps! voltrailviz.hip