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  1. Hey everyone, So just started deadline for Houdini and I've managed to send my rop output to deadline for rendering but when I explore the output file path, it shows file does not exist. However, when selecting the explore file path, it opens the correct pointed file directory where I want my caches & renders to be at. It does work if I copy & paste the output file path I'm using $JOB for all my files since I'm working, rendering, caching off our servers. Our IT guy have no clue on why it's behaving like this as well therefore would be best if anyone can guide me in setting up deadline? Screenshots attached H16.0.633 | Deadline
  2. Underwater impact splash

    Thanks for sharing the hip file. Definitely helped me in achieving water drop impact shot as well. I initially did a small test run by faking the effect with a timed pyro sim from the animated geo and it does work but seems like combining with an actual flip tank yields better results. *Initial test with pro*
  3. Underwater Bubble Sim

    Hey guys, so basically I'm trying to replicate an object dropping into a tank of water splash but with the bubbles/water only. The way I'm currently doing it is by emitting particles based on emission attributes defined on the surface based on it's velocity and using vdb from particles to mesh the liquid and so far it's alright. However, the client wanted a more art directable look towards the pop sim whereby more lengthy/streaky bubbles instead of huge splash etc and it got me thinking how can I achieve this? I'm on H16 and there's no pop fluid where I can easy increase the surface tension and viscosity to save my shot. Is there any pointers on hacking this shot without doing Flip? I'll upload my WIP, files and other references from client tomorrow. Thanks
  4. Retime Fluid Mesh

    嗨,已经有ID了。 我已经找到问题在哪了,我的emitter substep不够
  5. Retime Fluid Mesh

    Alright, don't wanna create an extra thread but would appreciate if anyone could point out my error in meshing my fluid sim. My settings: Particle separation 0.0035 Particle radius 1.2 Grid scale 2 Min Substep 1 Max Substep 8 Reseeding off Swirly Kernel In my particle fluid sourcing, I've played with filtering etc and it's still showing such stepping. Stepping goes away if I decrease my particle separation to ex: 0.015 Happy to share a strip down scene file.
  6. Retime Fluid Mesh

    Hey there zybrand, Thanks for pointing out the error on my setup. However, I'm still experiencing weird issues when trying to retime after the compression cache as if interpolation is checked, it still glitches and it goes away if it's unchecked.
  7. Retime Fluid Mesh

    Hey wizards, So I'm pretty stoked on the new retime sop but I'm having trouble getting it to work on meshes. In the attached image, flipSim_cache is 90frames and in the retime sop I'm trying to extend the length to 175frames. Problem is, I'm able to slow the animation down but it always end at frame 90 without finishing the original animation. If I turn the interpolation on, my mesh is all messed up. Any pointers would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Perhaps we can form a small group and contribute to achieving it.?
  9. Tried replicating his HDA but tough luck in getting some of the parts to work. Anyone had any success?
  10. Really good looking simulations!
  11. 12 seconds of testing Houdini

    Really awesome stuff, thanks for sharing!
  12. meshing fractals

    Really awesome!
  13. Differential curve growth

    So much information here, just starting out learning H as well (moving away from Maya)