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  1. Smoke not colliding with object

    Can try sourcing the collision using the volume source and pipe it into the sourcing. Seldom use static object for collision for volumes. Check this out: https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#Pyro_and_collisions
  2. Min/Max Point Velocity

    Yeah, I know the mapped range won't be accurate. Initial approach was to calculate the @speed attribute so can use it downstream for emitting or shading purposes. Interesting approach using the for-each-loop. Probably gonna use go with the solver approach. Cheers mate.
  3. Min/Max Point Velocity

    Hey there, Yeah, the initial start of the sim, their min/max is the same. I'll try with the solver method and see how it goes. What about if I just force map the point velocity as such? f@speed = fit(length(@v), chf('min_speed'), chf('max_speed'), 1, 0); Cheers
  4. Hi there, So I'm trying to fit the point velocity attribute range from 0-1. In my test scene, I have a simple RBD sphere shooting upwards and slowly slows down once landed. I'm using the length of velocity, promote it to detail attribute with min and max v and imported the detail attributes in a second wrangler where I fit it in an attribute called @speed, the issue is instead of @speed going from 0-1, it always starts at 0.5? Or is my setup wrong? Thanks. *hip file attached* min_max_v.hip
  5. Deadline & Houdini File Path

    Found the solution: Make sure the plugin version matches the current Houdini version Frame per task should be set higher compared to the submit frame range (usually I just set to 9999) Use $JOB instead of $HIP, make sure paths are all set correctly Hope this helps.
  6. Deadline & Houdini File Path

    Hey there, sorry for the late reply. Couldn't get the ROP deadline node to work so ended up just using the submit houdini to deadline on the top render menu. Talked to the engineer who runs our deadline farm and he has no idea on it as well. Hope this helps!
  7. Hi, thanks for this and it's wonderful and works for particles. However, it doesn't seem to centroid the rotation as well?
  8. if the points are generated from the cube and added via the add sop, just use the i@pintoanimation function and it works
  9. Flip Sphere Motions

    Hey there, I'm trying to replicate this setup: Liquid Sphere Based on my scene, I have a sphere and the particles are generated from it with iso offset and particles from volume. Within FLIP, I tried to control the velocity with pop forces (POP force, pop attractor and pop axis force) and got somewhat of a swirly motion but the in the reference video, towards the end you can see the fluid is ground around a torus like motion and the shape as well Any pointers on achieving this? HIP file attached included. Thanks! SH02_Water_v02.hip
  10. Plane Smoke Trail

    Hi, sorry for that. I've re-uploaded a new file with cleaning up. Thanks
  11. Plane Smoke Trail

    Hey guys, Trying to do a smoke trail simulation similar of a jet stream. I've attached a sample hip file below of my current setup. My plane is static and the camera is animated. I've isolated the engines and use it to do a particle simulation where the particles are being blown away with some minor noise and each particle is given a lifespan so it dies and doesn't stay too long. Originally, the particles are being turned into density and be used in DOP with smoke solver for simulation (add disspate, turbulence and disturbance) to get the look of smoke trail but the results isn't really working and not what I'm looking for. I then tried to use the particles as density and just piped into cloud noise to randomize the density so it looks okay-ish but my question is it possible to get a fairly decent looking smoke trail with my setup or is my setup direction wrong? Thanks Sc01_SmokeTrail_v01.mp4 AirPlane.hip
  12. Wire Solver Constraints Shifting

    Hi, Playing around wire solver and using the attach wire to surface constraint from the shelf tool. However I ran into issues where the constraint points would shift and not stick to their assigned points. On the help docs, it says to select points on the goal object, or just select the goal object and the tool will constrain to the closest of all the goal object’s points. I've created group of the points on SOP level and assigned them via the sbd constraint created in DOP but the points still shifts. Any ideas on what's causing this or is my setup approach wrong? Goal is to constraint the wire points to the GEO easily with groups so I can deform the geo anyhow I want and attach the wires. Thanks WireConstraint.rar eIcfCqUVie.mp4
  13. Hair Problem - Getting thinner at one spot...

    Hey man, try using the guide collide with vdb at the end of the guide groom and push any intersecting hairs outwards maybe?
  14. Deadline & Houdini File Path

    Hey everyone, So just started deadline for Houdini and I've managed to send my rop output to deadline for rendering but when I explore the output file path, it shows file does not exist. However, when selecting the explore file path, it opens the correct pointed file directory where I want my caches & renders to be at. It does work if I copy & paste the output file path I'm using $JOB for all my files since I'm working, rendering, caching off our servers. Our IT guy have no clue on why it's behaving like this as well therefore would be best if anyone can guide me in setting up deadline? Screenshots attached H16.0.633 | Deadline
  15. Underwater impact splash

    Thanks for sharing the hip file. Definitely helped me in achieving water drop impact shot as well. I initially did a small test run by faking the effect with a timed pyro sim from the animated geo and it does work but seems like combining with an actual flip tank yields better results. *Initial test with pro*