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  1. Need help with loops and Foreach

    I really liked how this one turned out....
  2. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    First try with this technique....9 million cubes......I included the the file.....I think there is more optimization that can be done! 20191120_v2.hip
  3. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    I didn't do it that way....packing first...then copy to points....will give that a try! Thanks! :-)
  4. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    That looks insane!!! How much memory to render 1 billion cubes?? I've got 25 million in a scene and am using almost 15 GB....am I doing something wrong??
  5. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    Thanks very much!!!! That is exactly what I was looking for!!!!
  6. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    Thanks very much for this!!! I have been making those Lee Griggs style images in Cinema 4D and then in Houdini for awhile now...but my system got bogged down with all the geometry very quickly.....I was playing around with this last night and tried to build some stuff myself rather than just copying your file.....I can get it to copy cubes to the grid with no issue at all.....and then I used an attribute from map to color the cubes based on an image file......what I wanted to do is scale the cubes in the y direction based on the color of points on the grid.....I couldn't seem to make it work......any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
  7. Need help with loops and Foreach

    This is gorgeous!!!!
  8. Need help with loops and Foreach

    Added a transform to rotate before the polysplits.....Thanks @Paul Corfield for the idea!!!
  9. Need help with loops and Foreach

    Today's attempt
  10. Need help with loops and Foreach

    Having fun....
  11. Need help with loops and Foreach

    Your images are amazing.....and thanks for sharing this.....one question......can you explain what the switches do inside of the inner loops....Thanks!
  12. Need help with loops and Foreach

    I know I am very last to this party but I really love this style and am just getting into Houdini......I was wondering if you could explain a bit about how you textured and lit this scene.....Thanks!
  13. Polyextrude question

    Thanks very much......I will give that a try!!!!
  14. I am very new to Houdini and wanted to know if it was possible to extrude primitive faces in a fixed direction.... For example....if I have a grid and then attach a mountain SOP......can I then use a polyextrude and get the extrusions to go in a fixed direction (like straight up) instead of the normal direction Thanks for any help
  15. Particles

    There is a tutorial on Entagma that I think is what you are looking for.... http://www.entagma.com/vex-in-houdini-diffusion-limited-aggregation-plus-rendering-in-mantra-redshift/