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  1. Having difficulty with sin function.

    The sin hscript expression function takes degrees (unlike I think the VEX one).
  2. You use a MDD ROP (Output) node to write out MDD caches and you can read them back in using MDD SOP (Geometry) nodes. If you want instancing of the sequence, I think Packed Disk Sequence primitives are what you're looking for http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/model/packed.html#packeddiskseq
  3. Globally Stretch Time/Keyframes?

    I think the easiest way is probably hit Ctrl+A in the network editor to select all the objects. This should scope all the translate/rotates on them. Now you can just scale them in the Animation Editor > Dopesheet.
  4. Can you save the output of the Agent SOP to a .bgeo file and post it here?
  5. Using mcbiovision utility

    Why do you need to run it with sudo? The steps should just be something like: $ cd /opt/hfs16.5.XYZ $ source houdini_setup The Houdini 16.5.XYZ environment has been initialized. $ cd ~/Documents/wherever_your_bvh_is $ mcbiovision Usage: mcbiovision [-e -b -d] [-c] [-v] [-j object_script] [-o -w -f -s -i [-n -t -l chainfile]] infile [outfile] This program converts a BioVision motion file to a Houdini script & channel file(s). Run the script to create the geometry and channels. ...etc...
  6. crowd simulation

    What happens if you render the agent in Mantra?
  7. VDB Visualize Tree SOP or perhaps Volume Slice SOP depending on what you need.
  8. Crowd - Look at

    Just the heads or the entire agent? For the entire agent, probably a POP Look At. For just the heads, see http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/crowds/states#lookat
  9. When it better to uses Volumes over VDBs? - When you don't have as mentioned above - When you have a data on nearly every voxel, making it not sparse anymore.
  10. VDB Fails To Convert L-System Gnarly Tree?

    PolyFill is one of the new options in H16 to cap holes. It's worth a try.
  11. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Is your .hip file logged with steps to reproduce? We have lots of code to deal with these situations. Furthermore, I've created set ups where I've had networks loop back on itself as part of its normal operation.
  12. Random link of interest

    I spoke with one of the paper's author and he mentioned that, "The implementation of the underlying MPM solver was done in OpenVDB and all the meshing and renderings where done with Houdini (using the native VDB nodes)."
  13. Duplicate Rigged Hand with IK

    If you mirror all the IK bones using the object viewport's Mirror tool, it should copy all the IK solver and goals for you.
  14. Audio driven animation - Fourier Transform

    Hand-keyed is probably still "audio driven animation" albeit with a lot of manual work. The other aspect is that there's nothing wrong with manual tweaking on top of a procedural solution as well.
  15. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    How would $FD / $FFD behave differently to solve the issues?