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  1. Emitt RBD from particles

    Thank you very much! How do I know when to use which force?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm trying to emit RBD objects from particles but cannot get it to work. I've watched the tutorials from Tim van Helsdingen, Matteo Migliorini and Andrew Melnychukk, but I cannot get it right. I want to simulate banknotes flying in the air with some swirling and self-colliding. Some tutorials use a bullet solver, the newest one a RBD solver. Both setups give me strange effects. Bullet does nothing and with the RBD solver my bank notes just explode up in the air. And some of my banknotes sometimes stop moving or disappear. I've attached the two setups, maybe you can point me in the right direction. Thank you very much Emitt_to_RBD_Bullet_Solver.hipnc Emitt_to_RBD_RBD_Solver.hipnc
  3. Right now I feel really dumb, because it just worked out of the box. I created the text geo and made it an rigid body with a ground plane. The letters fell down independently But thank you all
  4. Hey guys, how can I convert every letter of a text into separate geometry at geo level? I want to make a rigid body animation and let the letters should fall on the ground. Thanks
  5. Awesome guys, thank you very much for your help
  6. Thank you for the quick answer I was trying to scatter points based on color, but when I set @Cd.r as density within the scatter node, I get an error :/
  7. Hey guys, what is the difference between @Cd.r and $CR, and when do I use which? There is nothing in the docs about it :/ Thanks
  8. Fluid is not flowing

    Alright, thank you very very much
  9. Fluid is not flowing

    Wow, thats exactly the result I wanted! But where is the setting for "copy parameters" which you mentioned, I cannot find it :/ Same goes for the voxel scale, where is it? Sorry if this is obvious, I'm just a beginner in the flip jungle.
  10. Fluid is not flowing

    Unfortunately not with my sim :/
  11. Fluid is not flowing

    didn't help :/ I also tried to increase the gravity but the result is the same... Am I missing some contols for the fluid? Because most of the physical parameters for the flipfluidobject do not affect the simulation. How are the pro's doing it?
  12. Fluid is not flowing

    that helped, thank you <3 But now my fluid is splashing very much. Many droplets bounce off the ground or the fluid itself. I have set the ground bounce to 0 as well as the fluid bounce.
  13. Fluid is not flowing

    Hey guys, my problem is, that my fluid won't flow down... I think that is because my emitter is to small, or could it be something else? Milchkarton.hiplc
  14. Twistet Stripe / Tape

    I tried the bend sop before, but it never looked like yours Thank you very much!
  15. Twistet Stripe / Tape

    Hey guys, I'm trying to create twisted stripes / tapes like on this picture. I'm a beginner and know how to create a stripe out of a curve, but how can I twist it in a certain area? Is there a way to make it procedural? Thank you very much