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  1. [Solved] RBD to FLIP by Johnny Farmfields works modification.

    Hi mine. I didn't check the object's @P.y data. I changed "active = (@P.y < 1.25" to my objects' condition and also @Frame/150 to lower. It worked! Thank you so much!!!
  2. Hello Magicians out there. I am following up the Johnny Farmfield's tutorial Houdini - RBD to FLIP Johnny's set-up works fine with nodes but when I try to change the geometry to others, The sopsolver in the RBD_SIM make things won't work. When I bypass sopsolver, the rigid body sim works fine but Johnny's vex code @active = (@P.y < 1.25 + (@Frame/150)) ? 1 : 0; if(@P.y < 0.1){ removepoint(geoself(), @ptnum); } Is unavailable. could anyone tell me what is wrong with my nodes? Thank you in advance! rbd_to_flip.hiplc