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  1. 2020 Effects Reel

    Just sharing my 2020 Reel. Im available. https://vimeo.com/429294957 Thanks! Daniel Moreno http://www.danmoreno.com https://vimeo.com/danmoreno https://www.linkedin.com/in/danmoreno https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1625127/
  2. Hey guys, My name is Daniel Moreno, I am an Effects Artist based in Sao Paulo. Brazil. I have many years of experience with Maya and Realflow, and about 2 years Houdini. My main expertise is Fluid Simulations but Having been doing a lot of other things as well. This page has my Bio, Resume and Reels: http://danmoreno.com/v05/#about-us http://vimeo.com/danmoreno http://linkedin.com/in/danmoreno/ http://facebook.com/danmoreno3k PS: How do I embed vimeo here? Daniel Moreno
  3. Hi Guys, Im trying to setup a scene here using strawberries (body and leaves) to fall dinamically. So I am simulating the body with FEM, and the leaves with Cloth. They collide with each other but I cant seem to constrain the leaves to its respective body. I managed to paint the leaves where I need the constrain to act by proximity (attrib blend Cd), So I need to PIN these point to its body (which I have to find also by proximity). Does houdini have a pin constrain Point to Point? How would you approach this? Thank you! Daniel Moreno www.danmoreno.com video-1493247667.mp4