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  1. Render Path + AOV Path Expression

    Hello guys! @fxartist420 I'm using a "temporary" solution since some months. I have a template scene with some objects, materials and RS Rops + AOVs. And on the Out context have one null that defines the render paths for different things: And copy the paths as relative reference on the RS Rop and AOVs: On that moment still had problems manipulating the string, this method have only one bad thing in case you use Deadline as render manager. You can't send to render directly with the .hip file because deadline got some errors with the variables: https://forums.thinkboxsoftware.com/t/houdini-redshift-extra-tokens-detected-in-expression/26761 The solution to use it with Deadline is export the RS Proxy scene files to send it to render. You can do that automatically and create presets with the Deadline node in the Out context. I attached one reduced file with this example. I like also the feature that @Matt_K shared, maybe in some point will take a look in to this again to create a better optimized way. RS ROP Preset example.hiplc
  2. Hi guys! I installed Deadline recently and normally I have a multiple RS Rops where I define the render folder path with a string parameter in a null node. The thing is when I submit the render job to Deadline with the expression that I use for output I'm getting this error: (Syntax error - extra tokens detected in expression (/out/Redshift_ROP_HQ_PMs_DWAA/RS_outputFileNamePrefix)). I 'm defining the folder paths in the null like this: $HIP/render/ And the rest of the expression on the RS Rop is like this: `chs("../RENDER_PATHS/render_folder")`$HIPNAME/$HIPNAME.$AOV.$F3.exr Somebody knows how I have to change the output expression in order to get the render correctly? Here is a screenshot from the expression: Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi guys! I'm doing some tests with VDB and Point Deform SOP to recover original geometry point animation. The thing is I noticed when the VDB mesh result have a slightly different shape, the point deform SOP lose precision to move the new points. Is there any way to improve this? You can see what I'm talking in this basic example: If I raise the capture radius from 0.1 to 0.25 it works like 90% but only with this basic example, with a more complex element, my working scene, have some weird results displacing some parts of the geometry, and this happen if I change the capture radius or maximum points too. Maybe because I'm generating the hair / tentacles border with VDB dilate and the original geometry doesn't have those polygons? Is there a better technique to achieve this? I'm trying to use the VDB mesh because I want to generate motion vectors and rest attribute for procedural shading. I uploaded the basic scene if anyone can take a look. Thanks a lot! Bacteria VDB Mesh Example_v01.hiplc
  4. Render Path + AOV Path Expression

    Hi fsimerey, Because I'm too lazy to change the name from each AOV multiple times , because of that I look for a more quicker solution defining the path only one time. Thanks a lot for the substr() example, I'll try with that. Cheers,
  5. Hello! I need some help to understand how to use some string expressions, I'm using Redshift ROP and I want to change the render paths on some AOVs using the Custom File Prefix from each AOV. I want they will be saved on the same folder like the main output path but with other names. So, I'm using this string for the main render path: RS ROP output file name prefix: $HIP/render/$HIPNAME/$HIPNAME.$AOV.$F3.exr And I was trying to use this expression for AOV custom path: `${chs("RS_outputFileNamePrefix"):h}`/BumpNormal.exr Because I saw in this link that this expression should return the directory from the entire string without the file name and extension but I'm not getting the file directory using this expression like this. In conclusion, I'm looking to set the render path only one time and the AOVs with custom path can load it and use other names or formats. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi people! I'm learning some things in Houdini to create HDA's for cinema 4d or export vdb's simulations to render in c4d. In this case, I want to make a smoke simulation but I have one basic issue that I'm sure it solves with a simple way. I have one torus emitter inside of a tube but the smoke doesn't respect the tube geometry, It moves through it. How can I fix it? Thanks!!