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  1. Rebelway Issue

    @Njordy glad your experience was smooth. as @Saber mentioned above, they not only delivered the tutorial but also gave me a full refund. It was a class act!
  2. Rebelway Issue

    Just an update, I have since received the tutorial from them... Although I got an e-mail saying the refund was going to be processed, about an hour later I got an e-mail with the download link for the tutorial and no refund. Which, obviously is fine.. I wanted the tutorial, but it seems a bit unorganized at best!
  3. Rebelway Issue

    Hey All, I hate to do this, as I know these guys have some great tutorials and have probably helped a fair amount of you out with their classes. But now I'm stuck with no refund and no responses: I've recently purchased their fire sim / rendering tutorial from their website. Well if you read the disclaimer their 'tutorial delivery system' is still in beta and they have had issues with people getting their tutorials delivered instantly. They also mention that if there is ANY issue; they will get a copy of the tutorial delivered to you within 24 hours. Well I'm sad to say that is NOT the case. After about half a day after purchasing I e-mailed them at the address specified letting them know my tutorial still had not been delivered. I received an e-mail about 6 hours later stating that the tutorial system was not working and that the 'various' developers are on vacation and the delivery system will not be ready until the 2nd of September. They mentioned they can provide a refund if I can not wait the 2 weeks for the tutorial I was expecting immediately. So, no sweat, I'll take the refund. I also mentioned how I found it a bit unprofessional that they were providing a product that they knew full well would not be able to be delivered within the parameters stated on their site but I digress. Well, after a day or two of no response I decided to ask what the status of the refund was... Still nothing, even after sending to each of their available e-mail addresses. Its now been just over a full week and I've still not received a refund or ANY response. I know a week might not seem like a long time, and while I agree, I think a week with NO response is a bit ridiculous. So with that I leave you with a BUYER BEWARE for Rebelway. Hopefully this gets enough exposure to light a bit of a fire and perhaps get me a response! Thanks, -J
  4. Redshift Object Id's

    Hah of all the places I looked for object properties.. the shelf was not one of them! *facepalm* Thanks! p.s. is there a way to add these properties without using the shelf?
  5. Redshift Object Id's

    Hey All, I'm trying to figure out why I can't get Redshifts puzzleMatte AOV to work.. I understand the workflow in Redshift for Maya, as its pretty easy to set an objects ID.. where as in Houdini I'm not quite sure where to set the SOP's object ID. I've even tried Material ID right in the RS_Material node and still no dice. What is the proper workflow for something like this? Do I create a wrangle and set the ID in there? or is there some sort of parameter that i need to create in the interface? The issue is I'm not sure what variable (if it is at all) Redshift is looking for on the points? prims? detail? I'm a bit lost, and there doesn't seem to be any tutorials or posts about this! Cheers, -J
  6. retrieving attributes from objects within refractions

    AWESOME! @toadstorm, Thank you for doing that! Funny thing is, I had something wired up almost exactly the way yours was.. but it's the almost that got me.. Again, thanks, I'm one step closer to understanding all the different contexts and ways to accomplish things in houdini! -C
  7. retrieving attributes from objects within refractions

    @toadstorm I really appreciate this response as well.. this was definitely more in line with what I was thinking.. I can picture conceptually of what I would need to do to retrieve that data, but finding the correct functions and what not become a little daunting.. So, I attempted you use your code in a test scene.. but I'm unsure if I'm putting it in the proper place / feeding it the correct data.. If I were to go the inline VOP route. I would put that in the mat context, yeah? then I would use your code and plug in the outputs of a fresnel to get T. I'm a little confused about what position I'd feed it.. I think in general my understanding of setting something like this up in the mat context confuses me.. i.e. in an attribute vop (on geo for instance) the position's source is already implied by the pipe that is plugged into the node.. I hate asking this.. but i feel like I'm more of a visual learner.. is there anyway you could throw together a quick scene that has this laid out.. or perhaps just elaborate a little more on the inputs and output on the inline VOP? Cheers, -C
  8. retrieving attributes from objects within refractions

    @StepbyStepVFX, thanks for the reply... you are correct in that I can do something like this (e.g. create another mantra ROP and associate a 'take' with it, and apply constants etc..) I was more curious if there was a 'smarter' way to do this. Something to the effect of using a ray to capture the attribute and drawing it on a ROP image plane without having to change any render settings or material assignments! -C
  9. I hope the title is clear enough, essentially what I am trying to do is create a custom image plane that will output an rgb matte for objects being refracted by another object. (in my case objects inside a glass sphere) lets say i give an object inside the glass sphere a vector attribute of green {0,1,0} is it possible to output an image plane that displays that attribute through the refraction of the outer sphere? I've been searching for a while all over google and OD but have yet to find exactly what I'm after.. I feel like Trace() is about the closest thing I could find, but not sure how that would work for what I'm trying to accomplish.. Perhaps my approach is wrong as well, if anyone knows hows to accomplish something like this, I'm all ears. Ideally I'd like to accomplish this with image planes if possible and avoid having to create separate takes and what not.. Thanks!, -C