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  1. Group in point wrangle

    Thank you very much Atom, this has been very helpful. Your link page as well! Thx!!
  2. Group in point wrangle

    Thanks, that fixed the issue too.. I'm completely new to scripting and vex. Thank you. So i guess the loop i created inside of the wrangle overwrites the group selection?
  3. Group in point wrangle

    Hi, I created a group of points, then feed all points in a point wrangle, set the group but the code, which moves points, keeps running over all the points, not only the ones in the group? I'm running following as a test: for (int ptnum = 0; ptnum < @numpt; ptnum++) { vector P = point(0, ‘P’, ptnum); P.z += 1; setpointattrib(geoself(), ‘P’, ptnum, P); } My guess is using ptnum overwrites the group selection?
  4. impact data after sim

    Got it working by creating an age attribute and increasing the value of age every frame with a sop solver. Post by mart1jn in this thread helped alot. Thanks!
  5. impact data after sim

    Another problem surfaces.. with the intersection analysis I create points, but i want these to dissapear after 1 second, otherwise the particles will keep spawning from these points.. I initially solved this with the particle sop, by setting a life expectance and turning on 'don't reuse points', but this also stops newer particles to spawn from later collisions. Adding age to points and deleting points based on age doesn't seem to be an easy task.. I attached my test file. particles_from_intersection3.hiplc
  6. impact data after sim

    That makes more sense then my solution.. Will ttry this. Thank you!!
  7. impact data after sim

    Might be a stupid question, but is there a way to get impactanalysis data from a bgeo sequence? I created a long sim, client want this exact one, but I didn't add the impactanalysis node to it and now I need to add particles whenever objects hit the ground.. Not sure if it's possible but maybe you guys know a way. I could add points to the groundplane with an attribute transfer, and then use those points to spawn particles from, but maybe there's a better option?
  8. Changing glue strength during sim

    Thank you very much, that makes sense. Got it working now!
  9. Hi, still very new to houdini and i ran acrossa problem that I can't seem to solve. I've been trying to adjust the glue strength on a certain frame. Let's say we start with a strength of 1000 and on frame 50 it jumps to a glue strength of 500. So far what i've got (from seeing what other people do) is that I change the f@strength in a sop solver on frame 50, but I obviously don't understand what f@strength is because it doesn,t make sense to me. If i set it to 0, all glue is turned off, but setting it to 500 will make it unbreakable.. So i guess f@strength is not equal to glue strength.. So any help is very appreciated!! I included my test file: glue_strength_change.hipnc
  10. Thank you so much for the reply! Not sure why it works but it does, need to read up on the assemble node. Something slightly related: when i do a boolean in the loop it works ok, altough the result isn't individual objects anymore, some parts are welded together if i try to transform them individually with a primitive node. Any ideas? Anyway thank you again!
  11. Hi, i'm new here, been lurking for a while. Hope i'm posting this in the right place. Still learning houdini while trying to build a procedural house. Now I've come to a problem that i can't seem to solve, altough it's probably something easy, I'm still missing some of the basics probably.. Anyway, did some copy stamping of a box across a line, then copy stamped that result across another line. Now I was trying to run a boolean over every box with a for each loop (like in this video) around the 39 min mark, but the problem is the loop doesn't see 63 seperate boxes, but 21 times 3 boxes, so eg I can't scale each box on it's local axis. Probably has something to do with group names, but i tried everything over the last 2 days and nothing came up I attached a simplified file with the issue. Any help would be greatly apreciated! for_each_copy_stamp.hipnc