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  1. Changing glue strength during sim

    Thank you very much, that makes sense. Got it working now!
  2. Hi, still very new to houdini and i ran acrossa problem that I can't seem to solve. I've been trying to adjust the glue strength on a certain frame. Let's say we start with a strength of 1000 and on frame 50 it jumps to a glue strength of 500. So far what i've got (from seeing what other people do) is that I change the f@strength in a sop solver on frame 50, but I obviously don't understand what f@strength is because it doesn,t make sense to me. If i set it to 0, all glue is turned off, but setting it to 500 will make it unbreakable.. So i guess f@strength is not equal to glue strength.. So any help is very appreciated!! I included my test file: glue_strength_change.hipnc
  3. Thank you so much for the reply! Not sure why it works but it does, need to read up on the assemble node. Something slightly related: when i do a boolean in the loop it works ok, altough the result isn't individual objects anymore, some parts are welded together if i try to transform them individually with a primitive node. Any ideas? Anyway thank you again!
  4. Hi, i'm new here, been lurking for a while. Hope i'm posting this in the right place. Still learning houdini while trying to build a procedural house. Now I've come to a problem that i can't seem to solve, altough it's probably something easy, I'm still missing some of the basics probably.. Anyway, did some copy stamping of a box across a line, then copy stamped that result across another line. Now I was trying to run a boolean over every box with a for each loop (like in this video) around the 39 min mark, but the problem is the loop doesn't see 63 seperate boxes, but 21 times 3 boxes, so eg I can't scale each box on it's local axis. Probably has something to do with group names, but i tried everything over the last 2 days and nothing came up I attached a simplified file with the issue. Any help would be greatly apreciated! for_each_copy_stamp.hipnc