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  1. Direct Modeling HDA

    Like i say Alexey, i really can understand your situation. The fact is business have rules. if you break the rules business is collapsing. You must repsect the rules and we must respect the rules too. If you need peoples help you to work on your tool more than you expect at the begining, respect the rules first and ask us to help you by giving us something is exchange or nothing. You can explain on the update page your situation and asking people to give what they can, want... there is a lot of gumroad business where peoples give how many they want. and sometimes it's more than you expect. This way, you make a community growing, because we speak around us about our tools . we love our tools. I want to help you and i'm ready to pay for 2.0. But not like that ,not if you change the rules. I will just stop using you tool and go away. but if you give it like it was said, i'm ready to give something to help you because i love my tools, everytools i buy wich help me to work better.(even if i've never had a chance to really try DM at this times) Make what you think you think right. we do too. have a nice day.
  2. Direct Modeling HDA

    not everyone is on facebook. The deal was done on Gumroad. We can call Gumroad to ask them what they think about this situation if you prefer. we can ask to Paypal too .
  3. Direct Modeling HDA

    You have changed a deal you cannot. A deal is a deal that's the basics of gumroad plateform, change this for every deal and gumroad collapses. Your business collapses too. You have responsibility about the deal you write with your customers. there is nothing to argue about this.
  4. Direct Modeling HDA

    HEllo , i was very surprised when i discover today you change the deal we made Alexey ! We deal : DM 1.0 (with possibility of updating to 2.0) for an amount of money. No you have change the deal . It's not this way that work. You cannot change the deal by your own. you have to ask everyone wich have do this deal with you to find a new deal. You are not D.TRUMP, don't act like him. it's not business it's bullshit. If you respect your community, it will grow like you never expect. If not, you will loose it. You can ask in gumraod to people to give what they want by explaining that it was a lot of work more than expected and you need money. I'm sure people like me are ready to support someone wich work hard. you gain support and credibility this way.
  5. HEllo, This is my first question here. I've searching in the forum without success. I have some water wich follow a spline. I do this with Flip fluid and a popCurveForce. Now, this water is supposed to have some very visible Molecules inside . 2 or 3 types of molecules. I have try by scaterring point inside the fluid surface and then using CopyStamp. But the molecules ( pink Pigs here in the second screen capture ) are not flowing nicely with water . They just appear randomly inside water, to bad .. Idea #1 , i need to select some Flip fluid particle when they born to link and constrain a new pig on it. Idea #2 , i need to create another particle system with pigs, wich use the flip fluid sim of the water as velocity maybe ? Can you help me ?